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Moto X Bamboo Customization Finally Available via Moto Maker for $100 Extra

The Moto X Bamboo customization on the back, which got the device a lot of buzz during the announcement, is finally available on the Moto Maker website, and this customization comes with a price tag of $100, and would make the actual price of the device as $199 along with the 2-year contract with the different network providers.

The back panel is not just the only thing you can change and personalize, as you can have the colors you wish, for the side buttons and the rim around the camera lens, the front area around the bezel, and you can include a signature of yours for the back panel.

Moto X Bamboo

The Moto Maker is also selling the clear cases for the Moto X, which would not take away the beauty of the device, and would provide the extra care of the edges of the phone when you carelessly let it go off your hands onto the floor.

Gone are the days when you have those standard white, black or the plain colored smartphones, as the bamboo one looks too cool, and you should be able to flaunt it with that being no external case but a part of the device itself. Motorola suggests that it would take around 11 days to deliver the Moto X, and it is the 16GB version which you would be getting for $199, while the 32GB version costs you $249.99.

The Moto Maker goes to the best level of personalization even before you start using it, where you can specify a text which you want to see when the device boots up, and you can even sync with your Google account directly from the Moto Maker so that once you boot up the device for the first time, you won’t need a headache of adding the accounts and syncing it on the smartphone.

Go get the Bamboo version from Moto Maker – Link.
(It’s the Natural option in the back plate which we are talking about)

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