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Moto X priced at $399 Off-contract Permanently by Motorola – Details

The Motorola Moto X that was launched in August at $579 is getting a permanent price drop to $399 on any carrier without a new contract! Isn’t that an exciting offer? This offer also includes customized devices also. It is also mentioned in the official Motorola blog that the Moto X will be available for the customers to buy on monthly payment basis without a contract.

This permanent $399 price will now compete against the Google’s flagship models, like the Nexus 5 that is ranging around $349 to $399 unlocked. Moto X is considered as one of the best Android Smart Phones currently available universally. Even though the Nexus 5 is more powerful device to be ignored by power users, Moto X with its customization options will be a stand out, mainly considering the price drop.

Moto X Bamboo

The pricing is quite aggressive now, especially when you are having the Nexus 5 in mind along with the Moto X in the choice. And when you have such customization options like the Bamboo back for Moto X, why would you look for alternatives?

Source: Motorola Blog

Motorola is going to join the party along with the other retailers, brands and stores to provide the shopping deals on the Cyber Monday, and it is their recent best Moto X smartphone which is going to be sold with a noteworthy discount. Most of the other deals from the different brands are going to be available from Friday itself, when the actual big Black Friday sale is going to happen but Cyber Monday is more of the online sale where you get some selected but excellent deals on smartphones, tablets and online products.

As the Google+ page of Motorola Mobility says:
Thinking about Cyber Monday already? We’ll be offering a $150 discount on any off-contract Moto X, including Moto Maker and Dev Edition. Supplies will be limited, so stay tuned for more details.

Moto X Offer

The prices of the Moto X with the Cyber Monday promotion would be:

  • $349 for the 16GB version
  • $399 for the 32GB version

That’s a $150 discount for both the versions and this is seriously a very good deal against the Nexus 5 pricing, especially because the Nexus 5 comes in just the black and weird-white options, but Moto X comes with the color personalization and one of the other advantages with this – the developer edition too is available for the same price. What else would you want?

While this Cyber monday deal would impress many and motivate them to get the Moto X right away, especially when the downgraded version of this, the Moto G is out too and there is no promotion with it, but that would at the same time, be a disappointment for those who have recently got their Moto X after the customization was possible through all the networks and not just AT&T.

Check out for the various deals for this week, and a couple of them would include the Black Friday deals for the HP Slate 2800 and the Lenovo Ideapad A1000 and we would be sharing more of such deals very soon.

Moto X Offer Page

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