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Moto X Tip: How to Solve Bluetooth Connections Not Working, Pairing Error

We have seen quite a lot of users complaining about the issues in pairing the Moto X with other smartphones, and they confirmed that after checking the status of the other device, and finally concluding that it is an issue with the Moto X. This issue isn’t only with the smartphones, but also with the audio devices and car systems which couldn’t pair with the Moto X even on multiple trials. For that to work, you don’t have any direct way but a few workarounds which are to be tried one after the other, to see which one would get the Bluetooth to work on the Moto X.

Moto X Bluetooth Problem

Bluetooth Not Connecting on Moto X – Best Fixes

1. Make sure that the Bluetooth version is compatible. Sometimes, you are trying to pair the Moto X with some device which has an older version of Bluetooth connectivity in it and that could be the reason why your devices aren’t pairing. Check for the Bluetooth version, the protocols and then look below for the other fixes if you see that the Bluetooth versions are the same.

2. Check whether the issue is limited to only these two devices – Try to pair these two devices with any other device having bluetooth, to check whether this is a pairing issue only for these two or it’s something only with the Moto X.

3. Remove the pairing – Try to unpair the bluetooth device with your Moto X if you had paired them previously. For that, you will have to select the settings icon beside the particular bluetooth device, and then tap on “Unpair”. Now search for the available bluetooth devices in your Moto X, and try to pair the two again.

Moto X Bluetooth Moto X Paired Bluetooth Device

4. Check whether the firmware version is latest – Many a times, the software version being an older one would cause a few problems, and the fix to such issues which many are facing, would be sent by the company as a software update. Check for any software update if available for your Moto X.

Moto X Settings Moto X Checking Android Update

5. Turn the phone and the bluetooth device off and restart them before trying to pair and connect.

6. The last one would take some efforts but this for sure would make things work if none of the above workarounds helped you solve the issue. Take a backup of all the personal files, SMS, Contacts, Call log and then do a factory data reset of the Moto X.

We did notice that sometimes nothing works out, and that is only an issue with the compatibility between the devices. You won’t really be able to do much if these things didn’t help in solving the problem of bluetooth connectivity between Moto X and any other device.

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