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Download Motorola Moto X 4.4.2 Firmware Update – Fixes Battery & Camera Issues / Photo Capture Comparisons

Today the AT&T Moto X users have received a update with the version number : 165.44.1.en.US which fixes the Android 4.4 battery life bugs, fixes sync issue with Microsoft Exchange, data connectivity bug while traveling internationally and also allows you to print directly from your phone with Google Cloud Print. Currently these devices were on Android 4.4 Update

Moto X Android 4.4.2 Update

Earlier on Oct 6, 2013 : The Moto X from Motorola has been receiving a special firmware update with the enhancement to the camera and a few other changes. It started with one of the network providers, but now even the AT&T subscribers who own the Moto X, can update their device to the latest firmware which brings some excellent improvements which make the camera capturing better, bringing out some better quality pictures from the 10-megapixel camera of the device.

The particular changes that you can see with the Camera app in this update, include:

  • Improved capture in natural light, with the Auto white balance, and the color accuracy for more precise exposure in backlit and outdoor scenes
  • A faster touch to focus time and a reduced unnecessary refocusing in the low light conditions and in the scenes where there is continuous motion
  • Faster switching between the rear and front cameras and even a faster switching between the viewfinder and gallery app

Moto X Capture Comparisons

Moto X Capture Firmware Update

Moto X Defocus Capture Firmware Update

Moto X Macro Capture Firmware Update

Moto X Mid Light Capture

Moto X Low Light Capture

Earlier: 27th Sep by Amit Bhawani
Motorola Moto X Hands onIf you own a Moto X Android Smart Phone then its time you should check out the latest firmware update which is available over the air on your device. This means that the new update is already available and you have to go to Settings > about phone > system updates > check for available updates.

The new update dubbed as 139.11.6.ghost_row.Retail.en.US comes with a big list of enhancements which are useful for everyone. Here is a small list of change-log which you can find on your device :

  • Camera – Improved Photo Quality
  • Camera – Improved Focus
  • Camera – Faster Switching
  • Enhanced Touchless Control
  • Improved Motorola Migrate Experience
  • Google Drive – 50GB Promotion
  • Calling – Improved Voice Quality
  • Moto Care – Lost Device Finder
  • Motorola Assist – Driving Detection

How to Install the Update :
Before you begin the Installation, you need to ensure that you have atleats 50% battery on your smart phone. Next connect to the WiFi and then check the options mentioned above. Select “Download”. After the software is downloaded, select “Install”. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically. Your phone is now updated to 139.12.57.ghost_row.Retail.en.US.

Available Firmware Versions :

  • AT&T : 139.11.6.ghost_att.ATT.en.US
  • Sprint : 139.11.6.ghost_sprint.Sprint.en.US
  • T-Mobile : 139.12.57.ghost_row.Retail.en.US
  • US Cellular : 139.12.57.ghost_usc.USC.en.US
  • Verizon : 139.11.6.ghost_verizon.Verizon.en.US

If you have not received any notifications for the latest firmware update, then you should download a small application called as Motorola Device Manager (MDM) which is available for both Windows & Mac. You need to connect your Phone to your computer and then run this application following which it would show you the following screen.

Motorola Device Manager

The application would connect to the internet and tell you if an update is available for your device or not. If it does not detect your phone, then you need to go to your device > Settings > Developer Options > Turn Off USB Debugging. Now disconnect and reconnect your phone and then select the option of MTP [Media Device] following which the MDM should be able to connect with your device.

The device has major improvements in the Camera and if you are a person who captures a lot of photos, then this is something which is recommended to you to update right away. Let us know below if you have received this update and how is your feedback on the same.

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