How to Password Protect your Android Phone

Android SecurityThe mobile phone might contain information, contacts and other data which are important for you. For protection of data the security was included in the mobile phone. This security measure which many users avoid is extremely helpful when someone gets access to your phone though if you lose your handset is a different case.

With your Android handset you have plenty of options for locking your mobile. There exist many apps and third-party applications which can lock your mobile phone but why to go with third-party apps when you have direct setting available on your Android mobile.

All the mobile phones including the Android based mobile includes the options of locking your phone. You can lock using various methods. The three options available for you to lock your devices are –

Pattern Unlock

By drawing a pattern among the combination of dots presents you can unlock the device when its locked. This type of trends is famous is higher end mobile phones only on touchscreen handsets. Its well understood with the image on the right.

Unlock Pattern

PIN Unlock

The unlock of phone using the PIN is old idea but much known one. A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4 digit number set to unlock your device. It is preset and available under your mobile setting.

Android PIN Unlock

Password Lock
The recent on-screen keyboard for touchscreen mobile has made possible to set security by locking your through a strong password with a combination of alpha numeric and numerical and special characters.

Password unlock

Setup Lock Password

To get this security option you need to go your home screen then click on the Menu.

Now navigate to the Settings and from the location and security select Security (in certain mobile direct Security Option is available). Now select the Screen Lock options and follow the instructions to lock your device out of the options available.

Here you have the option of time setting by which your mobile phone locks, you may choose from 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 seconds or 5 minutes.

Lookout Security Application is one of the best apps for mobile security which we have reviewed it earlier.



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