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Samsung announces Galaxy Note 4 LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation with 300Mbps Support – Details

Just after news coming in about the probable discontinuing plan of Galaxy Alpha series, it seems like Samsung is all set to unveil newer set of smartphones which will be mostly focusing on the high speed phones. Starting with the news about the Galaxy Note 4 LTE Tri-band CA model which comes with the compatibility of download speeds of up to 300Mbps, this will soon be reality in selected markets.  The new smartphone  called LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation will be coming with the download speeds which no other smartphone in the World comes along with and is even fast than any other advanced wired connectivity options.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This new smartphone comes with the multiple opportunities and also opens up many LTE bands which supports up to 3 data connections at once and also combines for faster data speeds. This exactly works like a data boosters which promises to merge / add all possible data connectivity options for boosting the speeds. Samsung estimates that a 700MB video (an SD movie) could be downloaded to the phone in about 19 seconds. But, the catch is that hardly there are any carriers globally which can provide LTE connectivity at 300Mbps. Sprint has announced that over a period of sometime, it will be coming with the peak speeds of 150-180mbps, and some carriers allow dual-band aggregation for 50mbps+ speeds. The silver lining is that if you have multiple data connections which can add up to 300Mbps, then you can actually make use of the same. This clearly shows that the device manufacturers are outpacing the innovation when compared with the hardware manufacturers.

While Samsung didn’t disclose on by when this device will be launched Internationally, over a period of time we will be getting to hear more on Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation devices which will also be launched by Samsung and LG.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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