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Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Accessories

Smartphones are always made smarter and better by the addition of some accessories, and there is no exception when we talk about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S4, which comes with a huge list of accessories, all of which serve a good purpose. The S4 came in with a 5-inch 1080p Full HD display, a 13-megapixel rear camera, an Octa-core processor and the a good battery, but the Smart factor doesn’t end with these and the intuitive interface, as the phone has got many accessories, listed as below:

Game Pad for Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 GamePad

Samsung has included the GamePad not just for the Galaxy S4, but has mentioned that the gaming accessory would fit anything with screen size up to 6.3 inches. The NFC Tectile would help in One Touch BT pairing, and there is full control with the optimized buttons such as the shoulder keys, the four action buttons and the other option keys in the center, just like you see in the gaming consoles.
The GamePad has got the bottom holding area with all the keys on it, while above that is a section to hold the phone.

S Band

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Band

This does the job of the smart watches, with the recording of the number of steps, the burning of calories and the distance traveled between places. Apart from these, the S Band would check the Sleep Efficiency of the person by measuring how much the moved while sleeping, and how proper the sleep was. The 10m waterproof feature would make it a perfect companion for the sportsmen, swimmers and athletes. The S Band works with the S-Health 2.0 app to send and keep a track of the data.

HRM – Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Galaxy S4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Heart Rate Monitor is a neat looking useful accessory for the Galaxy S4, which does the job of measuring the heart rate. It has the real-time heart rate monitoring and the user can control the exercise intensity by checking the heart rate at the same time. The HRM is said to sync with both the S Health App as well as the Running Mate app.

Body Scale

Samsung Galaxy S4 Body Scale

Functioning just like the Heart Rate Monitor, the Body Scale is a Bluetooth-enabled accessory for the S4 which would measure your weight and send the data to the phone through the S-Health 2.0 app, and can support up to 7 users and store the data regularly for all these users in the app.

Wireless Charger Pad / Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger

This is now going to be one of the prominent accessories for most of the smartphones, and Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to come with the wireless charging pad or cover which would make it easier for the device to get charged, but the feature and accessory is going to be made available based on the region, thus we cannot say who would get what already.

Extra Battery Kit

Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit

How much ever powerful the battery of the Galaxy S4 is, the extra battery kit would always be a necessity for the crisis times. The kit does nothing more than storing an extra battery that you can carry while you are traveling, and replace with the exhausted replaceable battery in your phone.

S View Cover, Flip Cover & Pouch

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cases Covers

Samsung has come up with different cases, pouches and covers for the 5-inch Galaxy S4, with the S View Cover being a flip cover with an open area near the top to show the details on the screen, which could be the area for all the lock screen notifications. The Flip cover is what is being given already with the Galaxy Note, the S III where the back cover is replaced with the Flip Cover, and Samsung is also selling the Leather pouches for those who feel it much better to use than the covers.

There are a few other accessories like the headphones and the protective covers too available as the special accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, but the above mentioned are some to check out for, if you are deciding to purchase the latest flagship Galaxy phone from Samsung. The Camera of Galaxy S4 is already an awesome one with multiple features integrated, so we haven’t seen anything specifically made for the camera in the accessories list.

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