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How to Set the Default Keyboard in Android Phone

Default keyboard in Android PhoneYou love your Android device  because there are tons of options available for you for customization. It includes option to change keyboards, different styles, skins and color themes to be selected. Changing from one style to another is extremely easy and it can be done on go.

There are different keyboard layouts available for Android like Swype, SwiftKey, BlindType, Smart Keyboard Pro and Thumb keyboard which can be used on android handset. In the news we have, HTC has recently launched an on-screen keyboard for Android.

Setting up the default on-screen keyboard on Android is too easy with the new on-screen keyboard installed and I think there is no tutorial required all the time, just one time you are done. But it’s a bit hard to do on the HTC Sense devices as its complicated. Here is the procedure on how you set a new keyboard to be used as a default keyboard on Android.

On HTC Sense Devices

For HTC Sense based handsets you need to go to Settings and then select Language & Keyboard on your devices and make sure that the check box on the on-screen keyboard is selected.

Now go to text field entry like email or SMS and you need to long press on the text field, this would give you a pop-up menu from which you select your preferred input method.

On Stock Android Phones

For other Android phones go to Applications > Settings and then you find the option of Local and text. This is the options where you would find all the keyboards installed on your device. Now you know what to do.

You can change the keyboard at any time, even in the middle of a compose message.

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