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How to Set Pattern Lock Security on Android Mobiles

Android SecuritySecurity to your phone is as essential as securing other personal stuff. Your phone in the hands of wrong person can make you wander around. The security measures which many users avoid are very much helpful. The Android phone is provided with so many security measures to be used; only you just have to call them. You shouldn’t look around for third party applications to achieve highest level of security on your phone as it comes in stock Android phones.

There are various security locks available on your phone which will lock your phone after reaching the particular time frame. The various lock patterns are Pattern Unlock, Pin Unlock and Password Unlock.

So to get the unauthorized usage of your phone, I would suggest you to go with the pattern unlock process. Below is the tutorial which shows on you can enable the pattern lock security on your Android phone.

  • On your phone go through the Menu and then tap on the Settings.Menu Settings
  • Now you need to tap on the Location & Security.Location and Security
  • You are now on to the security page where you can have a control on the phone security settings. To set up screen locks select “Setup Screen Lock”. With that you will be provided with the option of three lock system of Pattern, Pin and Password. YOu need to tap on to Pattern.Setup Screen Lock
  • You will be taken through the unlock pattern settings page where in you would be provided with the example pattern lock.Example Pattern Lock
  • Example Pattern LockNow setup your desired pattern. You should atleast connect 4 circles to setup a pattern lock otherwise your pattern wouldn’t be recorded. When you are done click on “Next”.Pattern Lock
  • Now you just need to confirm the new pattern lock on your phone which you have just applied. Its just a confirmation.Confirm Pattern Lock
  • Now if you come back to your phone, you will see the option of pattern unlock when your phone is locked. Its just like this –Pattern Lock Screen Galaxy SII

Well if you have forgotten the Pattern for unlocking your device, then you should remove it by only hard reset of your phone which will remove all the data present on to your phone memory.

Note: If you get your phone 5 times with the wrong pattern then the resetting is the only option to you.



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