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With our busy schedules around work, it is pretty difficult to spend time and get in to shape for a healthier life. In this advanced era, people are hardly finding time to hit the gym or go for a run around the park, leading to many health-related issues. I would like to discuss about this new app which was launched recently and is is also the first app which combines Fitness & Education that is available on the Google Play Store (Download Link). This app is mainly for beginners who are trying to get fit and lead a healthy life.

SOTKA provides a free educational course that is available on Android as well as iOS. Anyone can use this app regardless of their gender and age and for this, the user has to provide few details about their weight, height, and goals. The app designs a 100 days program during which the initial 49 days the application will be helping its users to review their bodyweight exercises along with their diet by planning meals from practical lessons.

You do not have to hit the gym or get some weights to do this workout as the app makes sure that you only use your body weight to get fit and strong. The application has answers for most of the popular questions on how much to eat, when and what to eat, how much time to be trained, when to drink water and also how to perform your first push-up or pull-up.

After the initial 49 days, the next 41 days includes advanced exercises targeting muscle work and the last 10 days are made a bit more challenging with turbo block and seven different activities. Let me explain to you in detail how this 100 days program is divided and what all activities are to be done.

Day 1 to Day 49 (BASIC BLOCK)

This period covers the initial warming up and then as the days go on it will include pull-ups and push-up for beginners, along with squats, stretching and related information. Getting into the second week, there is more information provided on balancing the calories and proteins, fats and carbohydrates intake. It also provides information on the standard rate of water consumption for a person every day.

Then a proper nutrition planning is practiced and information on proper breathing along with proper form is provided and practiced. Breathing and proper form while performing an exercise is at-most important so that you avoid any kind of injuries and discomfort. This phase also includes training information during Heat or Cold and also describes the best time for training.

The third week includes a few basic principles and also clauses from the bar. Furthermore, there information on injuries, sickness, and training and how to get back on track. Later information on time management is provided and lunges exercise is introduced. You can check the screenshots that are provided for all the information that the app is providing to its users.

Day 50 to Day 91 (ADVANCED BLOCK)

In this block, all the exercises are introduced again and there is some advance technique information provided along with the Glycemic index, Sports nutrition, Alcohol and training, Hormones, How to increase immunity and so on. Apart from these, information on other factors like cardiovascular system, myofibril and mitochondria training, Ligaments and tendons and more are also provided.

Day 91 to Day 98 (Turbo Block)

This is the last block where some freestyle information is provided

This app has been developed by Anton Kuchumov and is available both on Android and iOS platforms. Once you download the application, you will be taken to a page where few intrusions are provided on how to use the app and also on reaching the goals. The user has to enter a little data about their height and weight and add their front, back and side angle photos to compare them after 100 days.

After starting the program, information on the current day and the number of remaining days will be provided. Under the training section, you can add the number of pull-ups, squads, Push-ups that you are planning to do on that day and then start the training accordingly. once the 1st circuit is done, the user gets a resting time of 60 seconds which can also be canceled if the user wants to move next one quickly.

After the exercise is completed, you will be directed to the main page of the app where most of the information is provided. There is also a Journal page, where it provides a calendar and also the list to track your 100 days program accordingly without much fuss. From the setting you can also restart the training and also set the training time, control the notifications and more.

Being fit is the utmost priority to maintain a good and healthy life and this is exactly the application that will be helping you attain the fit body and regime in 100 days. It is not about just completing the 100 days program but it is about learning things and continue the program later also. There are already more than 500,000 users of this app across the globe it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete the daily tasks.

This is one of the best apps for beginners to start their fitness journey without any weights. It also helps in improving the eating habits and the data can also be shared and the progress can be synced by signing up for the app. You can also try out this app if you are already leading a fit life as it provides a lot of information which might be interesting and helpful to you as well.

Furthermore, since the app is free there is nothing wrong with downloading and giving it a try. SOTKA program is designed for 100 days and support from trainers is available via messaging and the app also makes sure that the users of the app are motivated with features like before and after photo. Well, let us know if you have been using this application already or even if you want to give it a try now. Comment in the section below and stay tuned to Android Advices for more interesting and useful information.

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