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How to Stream music from Spotify app via Chromecast with Spoticast – Details

Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming companies may have delayed the compatibility launch for Chromecast officially, but all thanks to a third party application dubbed as Spoticast. Spoticast allows you to stream the music on Chromecast. All you need to have is the premium account of Spotify and also you will have to enable the “Device Broadcast Status” in the application. For all those who wanted to know on what Spoticast done, it basically helps Spotify app connect to Chromecast for streaming the music. Just for your information, Spoticast doesn’t store the password of the users and only stores the login credential.

Spoticast fully integrates with your screen, so you can see album art and the progress bar directly in high quality. While since it’s an early release, you may experience some minor glitches which will be fixed in the coming days to come.

Spoticast 1 Spoticast 2 Spoticast 3

Please note that after enabling “Device Broadcast Status” option, you need to reboot the Spoticast app. You need to login to the Spoticast app with the help of facebook and also you might face some intermittent issues with the two factor auth. Also, you may face some random playback glitches which will be fixed in coming days to come. Currently, Spoticast supports both Android tablets and smartphones which are running on the ICS 4.0 and above. For your reference, we have also mentioned the screen captures of this tool above. Once you open the app, all you need to do is to just follow the on screen instructions to connect Spotify with the Chromecast device.

It was just recently that many music apps are adding the support for Chromecast and other casting tools for extended listenership. Do let us know your experience with this Spoticast app which truly redefines your music listening experience with Chromecast in the comments section below.

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