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Tips to Extend Battery Life of Motorola Moto X

Moto X BatteryThe Motorola Moto X is a great device which has an impressive 4.7 inch 720p AMOLED Screen Squeezed into the device, and it is not much bigger than the iPhone 5S which is just 4 inch. With many active features offered by Motorola it takes a lot of toll on the battery life, Motorola has fit in a 2200 mAh battery into this compact device along with 2GB of RAM and a Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. For the time we have used the Moto X, the battery life was average which lasted for a day with normal web browsing, calls, text messaging and listening to music, all of which a normal user would do which is not bad, for considering this is a smartphone, one would want to get a better battery life.

Apart from the Battery life, the slow charging of the Moto X is another concern which we came across it took a bit longer than regular to get to full charging, to get over all the battery issues which we mentioned here are some tips which will be helpful to increase your battery life considerably.

So if you want to improve your Battery Life follow the steps mentioned below:

Airplane Mode: Put your Moto X in Airplane mode whenever necessary like in the situations we are going to mention here:

  • Put your Moto X in Airplane mode if the place you are in is having less Network reception or weak Signal.
  • In case you are not going to use your device for a prolonged period of time turn the Airplane Mode on which will instantly stop Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and GPS.
  • Put Airplane mode at Night during sleep if you are not expecting any calls or messages.

Moto X Airplane Mode

Turn “Vibration” OFF:
Vibration during calls and messages or any notifications drains the most amount of battery in all devices so turning off Vibration will save you a lot of battery life. You can increase the Volume of your notifications if necessary but turning off the Vibration will significantly improve Battery life.

Moto X Vibrate

Control “Display” Settings:
Display settings should be controlled like decreasing the Screen Timeout time to 15 Seconds or 30 Seconds maximum and nothing more than that, every time you check your device the screen is left on for that amount of time and all that battery life is wasted.

Moto X Screen Timeout

Press on the Lock button immediately when you put your phone down after checking any notifications or attending a call as this will save a lot of Battery life because we check our phones many number of times a day. To control the display settings in Moto X: Swipe down from top of the screen to get the Quick Settings icon, tap on the settings icon and you can find the Display icon which will take you to the Sleep timer and change it to the least possible time which you feel is comfortable.

Turn Off Automatic Updates:
Automatic Updates takes up a lot of battery life if the update is being downloaded in your mobile network as it is slower so make sure that the Automatic Updates are turned off in your Moto X if you do not know follow these simple steps: Go to Play Store > Click on Menu (three dots) > then open Settings > Click on Auto-update apps >And select the Do not auto update apps option.

Never use Live Wallpapers:
Live Wallpapers have become a new trend but they are very hard on the battery life compared to a still image. Always use a Still image as your Wallpaper which will conserve a lot of Battery life and if possible keep the Wallpaper as Dark as possible.

Moto X Static Wallpaper

Applications and Widgets Settings:

  • Applications and Widgets can take up a lot of battery even in the background when they are not being used like Facebook, Email and any such application which has Push notifications activated and requires frequent updates.
  • Even Navigation and Maps related Apps also get constantly updated in the background to give you live updates on the traffic etc which takes up a lot of battery life.
  • Turn off the option which allows Apps to run in the background by installing some Apps which Kill the Apps running in the background like Task Killer, Adao Task Manager which are free and can be installed from Google Play Store.

Turn OFF Wifi and Bluetooth when not required:
Turn the Wifi Options OFF in case you are not near your Wifi Hotspot as your phone constantly keeps searching for new Wifi Connections and will be loosing battery constantly
Turning OFF Bluetooth is also recommended when not in use as this also makes the phone search for new Bluetooth connections nearby and you will be losing battery life.

Reboot and Restore your Android device:
Reboot your device every once and now to make the performance better, we sleep to rejuvinate and in the same way rebooting your device once a week or 15 days is good way to keep your device running good and your Battery Drain will be decreased.

Moto X Backup Restore

Do not share location when not needed: If at all you are not using any apps which want your location, or you feel sharing the location isn’t necessary, better go to the Settings and turn the location service off, because this would use both GPS as well as your data network for the location accuracy, and that is where a lot of battery is drained.

Follow these simple steps and you can see the difference in your Battery life which will be increased considerably, you need to follow these steps regularly and not just do it once and forget about it.

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