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How to Transfer Contacts, SMS, Photos from Android to Motorola Phone

Motorola has once again started doing good in the market with phones like Moto X and Moto G and if you are one of those who got a new Motorola Smart phone and this App the Motorola Migrate App supports transfer only to certain devices. You can transfer Photos, Music, Contacts, Call Logs, Settings, Text messages, Messages and Videos.

  • Old Phones: Android 2.2 and later, iPhone.
  • New Motorola Phone: Moto X, Moto G, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, Droid Ultra

How to transfer Data from Old Smartphone to new Motorola Android Devices

1. Install the Motorola Migrate App to your Old and new Smartphone from Play Store – Motorola Migrate (Google Play Store Link)
2. First you need to select the type of Old Phone from which you want to transfer from – Android 2.2 and later
3. Now you will have to select what data you want to transfer to your new Motorola device like Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music etc and then click Next
4.  Now you need to connect both your old and new devices by opening the Migrate App in the new phone and you will be provided with a QR code which should be scanned in your Old phone by starting the Migrate app and holding your old phone on your new phone and it will Scan the code with the camera from your new phones screen.Transfer data from old smartphone to new Motorola phone5. After Syncing you will be getting the list of Data which is available to transfer from your old phone, select the things you want to transfer and then click on Next.
Transfer of Data will be started automatically and completed by itself.transfer data from old android phone to new Motorola phone6. It is a little different in case of Motorola as the transfer permission is with the help of a QR code and not a 4 digit code.

How to Transfer data from old Apple iPhone to new Motorola Smartphone

  1. In case of iPhone you have to first Backup all the data from your iPhone to iCloud and your new Motorola Smartphone downloads it from there
  2. For iPhone you have to transfer data using iCloud and cannot be done through WiFi.
  3. As you have seen earlier launch the Migrate App and now Select the device as iPhone is the “Which phone are you moving your stuff from” and then click Next.Transfer data from old iphone to new Motorola phone
  4. Now you have to Sign into iCloud using your Apple i.d.
  5. Login and you will be able to transfer the Contacts and Events Calendar and after that is finished you can sign into your Google account as well and transfer data if required like events and contacts.

It is a pretty simple process to complete the transfer which was earlier a very laborious process to separately transfer all data, videos, music etc but now with these Migrate Apps by Smartphone companies is a great relief.

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