How to Transfer Yahoo Contacts to Android – Sync Mail Contacts in CSV Format

Smartphones have become our handheld devices to manage most of the things which you can do with other gadgets. It functions like watch showing your the current time and calender, it functions as phone directory, functions as wirelessly connected phone. Contacts are pretty important for us and Android being an open source platform it allows you to sync your Yahoo Contacts with your Android phone. Yes, if you own an Android phone and often use Yahoo as your preferred free email account services, then you might need those contacts on your phone. The Yahoo! Mail Android application is the best to sync your mails that you receive on the free Yahoo Account of yours. Yahoo Mail is the popular free email services used by millions of the users nearby.

Here is our guide by which you can show your Yahoo Contacts on your Phone. This guide will also make your Yahoo Contacts available on your Google Account as well as this is an indirect guide to show the contacts on your Android phone.

Follow the procedure below –

  • First login to your Yahoo Mail on your PC or laptop.
  • Then head to the Contacts Tab.Yahoo Contacts
  • Click on Action and select Export All.Yahoo Contacts Export
  • Once you click that you will have various options listed and among them are the Yahoo CSV, click on Export Now.Yahoo Contacts Export
  • Within no time you download of the CSV file will get started. Save the file.

That completes the export of the Yahoo Contacts. Now we will proceed with the instructions to see how you can import it on your GMail Account. The reason we sync it with the GMail is that the contacts on your phone have the options to display Google Account contacts and thereby your Yahoo contacts will be shown on your Android phone as well.

Follow the procedure below to upload the contacts in CSV to your Gmail Account –

  • Go to your Gmail and login with your credentials.
  • Head to contacts section.Gmail Contact Import
  • The contacts would be imported in no time and you will have the list without any refresh.Gmail Contacts Importing
  • Now you can modify any of the contacts and edit the first name, last name, add details and lot more.
  • This would be synced to your Android phone automatically.

You are done.

Do let us know if you are facing any issues of importing contacts to Android phone.

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