Tutorial: How to update Xiaomi Mi 3 with MIUI 6 Beta Version

Xiaomi recently unveiled the official look of the upcoming MIUI v6 ROM at an event in Beijing on the fourth anniversary of MIUI. That brings a completely new flat user interface which is simple and colorful. And some might say it truly reminisces the look of iOS 7, however, it is not our concern that if it is copied or not.

Following the recent beta testing program for MIUI v6, only a few thousands of users were able to get into it. And if you were looking to get early access to MIUI v6 on your Mi 3 device, we have got you covered. The following is a guide on how to get MIUI v6 ROM running on your Mi 3 device.

Disclaimer : We should not be held responsible or liable in any manner for any damage caused due to not following the instructions mentioned in this article.

Prerequisites : It’s strongly recommended to create the manual back up of all the data present in your Mi 3 so as to make sure that the data can be restored easily.

Note : The first boot may take some time, so please be patient as device gets rebooted. Remove the SIM card from your phone before following the below procedure. You should not connect your phone to Wi-Fi or 3G, till you have completed the following process.

Procedure to Update Xiaomi Mi 3 to MIUI 6 beta version :

  • Download and install the Mi flash application to your PC.
  • Download the zip file from the below link, once it’s done, extract that file and place cancro_alpha_images_4.8.15_4.4_cn folder into the root directory of C Drive on your PC.
  • Now open the Mi flash application, select the browse button, and select the folder cancro_alpha_images_4.8.15_4.4_cn in the C Drive of your PC.
  • You need to switch off your device and go to fastboot mode, in order to do that you have to hold volume down and power button together.
  • Connect your device to PC via USB and hit the refresh button on the Mi flash application.

Phone connected to PC running Mi flash application

  • As your device is detected, you should hit the flash button and wait for couple of minutes to complete the process.

After hitting flash button wait for few minutes

  • A factory reset is required, which will wipe all the data from your device.
  • Once rebooted, do not try to connect your device to any Wi-Fi network; just try to skip to the main screen.
  • Install and open the root explorer. Now Go to System > build.prop > Open with rb editor > Search “ro.miui.secure=1” and change the 1 to 0, so that it now reads ro.miui.secure=0. Save, exit and then reboot the device.
  • Add your SIM card and Wi-Fi network, as the procedure is completed.

Video Tutorial :

Screenshots of the new MIUI 6 beta version:

MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (1)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (2)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (3)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (4)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (5)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (6)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (7)

Now you will have complete access to the newly installed MIUI 6 beta version on your Xiaomi Mi 3. It should not take more than few couple of minutes to go through the above procedure. Remember to download the complete files and carefully install them. Let us know if you have any queries regarding the tutorial.

Download: miuiv6crackRC.zip (656 MB), Mi flash tool



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