Ainol NOVO 7 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet at $99 in China

Chinese electronics firm called MIPS Technologies Inc has come up with an $ 99 which has all the buzz to make it a media talk. It’s all because it’s powered with Android 4.0 the latest Android OS. We were expecting smartphones to receive the Android 4.0 update but this news of Android 4.0 tablet comes of sudden and surprise to everyone.

Ainol NOVO 7
Novo 7 is an Android tablet with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If that comes true it would be the first tablet to be out with Android 4.0 OS. It has 7 inches capacitive touchscreen display with multi-touch input and it’s powered with Ingenic JZ4770 processor and runs on the MIPS based XBurst CPU clocked at 1 Ghz. Among the features of this tablet it includes Wi-Fi support, USB 2.0 connectivity, HDMI 1.3 and microSD card slot for the expansion of memory. It will also includes dual camera on the front and rear side in which the rear camera (2 mega pixel) will go with video recording capabilities. The internet connectivity is through 3G or Wi-Fi so that you can be always online. Its powered with 4,000 mAh battery to provide a standby time of 30 hours and continuous video playback time of 8 hours.

Ainol Novo 7 Tablet  Ainol Novo 7 Tablet
For those who claims that it will be a china product, then you should check out that NOVO 7 has obtained Google CTS certifications and it can easily run Android application, download them from Android Market and comes pre-installed with default Ice Cream Sandwich applications like Gmail, Google talk, Google Maps, Google Music Beta and so on.

This tablet will be available in China through Ainol Electronics. The company also said that it will also be made available in other geographies like United States, Canada, India and UK within next several months once is launched in China. They also said that it will be available in various other form factors of 8 inches and 9 inches.

So what does Novo 7 tablets means is that it will provides competence with Amazon Kindle Fire which is sold at $ 199 but we will not see this tablet so early in the market and it can take another quarter for this tablet to be out in the market.

Price & Availability

Buy the Ainol Novo 7

The Novo 7 tablet is available for purchased in China in retail stores and its available online through Ainol Electronics Co Ltd at Within a month or two it will made available in United States. Coming to the price, Ainol Electronics have made it clear that it will be priced at $ 99 for all which will be a very competitive price.


  1. hello sir i want to order this from ainol store dot com can you tell me is there any added or hidden charges like custom duty if i order this tablet please let me know

  2. Can you just tell me whether it is available in any mobile shops in Bangalore? Also interested to know whether it has a simcard slot


  3. pls help me about my novo 7 tablet 4.0  it say’s -> the video chat plugin doesnt support  for this device some help me to install video plugin :(( pls:(

  4. I want to buy this tablet but i live in cambodia, can u me how can i buy it?

  5. Samin Raj Shakya

    I want that Tablet, how to get in Nepal?

  6. Unless all you want to do with this device is play inane games like Angry Birds, I strongly advise giving it a wide berth. ICS apparently doesn’t communicate with the normal Android Market, only an extremely feeble ‘clone’ called ‘Google Play’. As the name implies, its all about games rather than useful applications. The cameras only come with an ‘Advanced’ model & not the basic version which has **NO** cameras. I found the normally good Google Map application totally useless, not only does the voice guidance not work but the location is off by at least a hundred kilometers. Battery life of the unit is less than a quarter of that claimed, no USB device I tried was recognized, WiFi is so poor as to be useless, browser is unbelievably slow & crashes constantly only minutes after being started. Quite simply there is ***NOTHING*** complimentary that can be said about this heap of male cow dropping. As I said in a previous posting, unless you are a pimplefaced juvenile whose whole existence revolves around Angry Birds, give the thing a miss until / unless someone sorts out the zillions of issues which currently infest the thing.

    • google play is the rebranded google marketplace. however, a lot of the negative stuff there is true.
      no major apps available
      slow and unresponsive screen
      good video playback but very poor streaming – very laggy
      websites are NOT crisp, which they should be, text can be very poor.

      I’d strongly recommend avoiding this product.

  7. Description says it has 2 camera’s front and back, but I can’t find on the tablet.

  8. I strongly advise any intending purchasers of Ainol devices to steer well clear of what is total unmitigated crap. The WiFi connectivity is soo poor / unreliable as to be virtually non-existent, even ethernet connectivity is sub-standard, the Android Market doesn’t want a bar of version 4 (everything I tried was ‘incompatible’), Google Maps insisted I was some 150k from where I really was (my old Xperia X8 doesn’t have the same problem), navigation doesn’t work at all (not surprising given the other issues) etc etc etc. These &$*#&$% things ‘might’ suit a pimplefaced juvenile whose whole purpose in life is Angry Birds or some equally inane waste of time, but anyone who needs a halfway reliable tablet to access the internet or to navigate will end up tearing hair out in chunks !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  9. Hai, I would like to buy one Novo 7 Advanced II, as it is advertised, the cost is US$139. How much it will cost along with shipping charge to India.

  10. i get a ainol elf DDR3 ram 1GHz Tablet from itabletpcshop, the processor is 1.5 ghz and support skype :) Links removed by moderator

  11. can u import me in india. is this a gaming teb

  12. Where can i get it in nigeria and the price.

  13. Are you sure it can play Backyard Monsters? The reason why I’m very specific with this is that our distributor here in Manila Philippines does not have a sample unit, the only way I can use is to buy one from them. Which may be risk, because if it can’t play backyard monsters by Kixeye then it useless hardware for me…

  14. Hi, Can it play Backyard Monsters in Facebook?

  15. Support Adobe AIR???

  16. HELLO MR.PATEL Best site to buy in India tell us what is your opinion about these products? They should buy or something
    pls help me sent your cell no.
    my no 9537374440

  17. When it will be available in India ?
    how can i buy this product and what will be the price of it in India?

  18. Tablet PC Free Shipping

    very good price.but the shipping cost are too high………..

  19. Is this available now in the US?

  20. How to stop background apps? I face the device hang when I plug in the power adapter for charging. And the process too very long time to reboot when on/off button is pressed. Any master can help?

  21. I actually ordered this from androiddevices and they shipped it to me in the USA. The thing rocked from the first 8 hours. I mean it was smooth and fast! Unfortunately though there is something wrong with my battery or something and I cannot recharge the device.

    • You mean to say you ordered it through right. If there is a battery issue you can contact the Amazon support and let them notify about the same. By default the battery of this device wont last for more than 2-3 hours which is pretty ok for the price we are paying. Try to stop the apps which are running in the background to save some battery.

  22. I’m surprised to see this. I’m in China and this is my first hearing of such a thing.No media in China ever reported this.

    • Yeah, all of surprise these device has come and still people are not aware. You can take the example of Aakash tablet in comparison which got so much publicity.

  23. when will novo 7 be launched in indonesia?? is indonesia a potential market for this product?? i want novo 7 soon…

  24. today i get the novo 7 paladin tablet from only $108.98 USD

  25. where can we order this online?

  26. sir,i want novo 7 in india what can i do..

  27. Could someone help me find store in Shanghai where I can buy Ainol NOVO 7?

  28. Will it be available for purchase in Romania,Europe?

  29. Do you have a link to any reviews comparing the Novo 7 Basic with the X-Burst MIPS processor performance against the Novo 7 Advanced with the ARM A-10 processor?

  30. When it launch in India. Plz tell i eager to purchase it. And what is the price in India.

  31. INSTEAD OF BUYING THE first released product, which will contain many mfg defects, uncleared new bugs, if you wait and buy a little later, you may not get frustrated and you may not have to throw this and go for 2nd edition.
    IT WILL HAPPEN. Even with Sam.Galaxy.GT SI 9000 which I bought in a rush, I found frustrations. So many mfg defects,because in a competition they rush the product to the market caring little for the bugs. The end users suffer. Now I want to go for advanced versions, Nexus, because SII also seen hanging like a PC and had to be exchanged during warranty time by my friend. DONT RUSH AT ANY NEW PRODUCT ! BUT THEN FOR A MERE RS 5000 TO 6000 IT IS A GAME OF COURSE.

  32. is this capable of making voice calls?

  33. hi, im here in the philippines, any news on when this will be in stores? want to have one before christmas :)

  34. Will it be available for purchase in Russia?

  35. Will it be available for purchase in Nigeria?

  36. Maybe.. but is on DDR3 RAM

  37. when the tablet was added to Russia?

  38. When is this going to be available in Iran.
    how i can buy it in IRAN-TEHRAN.

  39. can i know when is this going to be released in india??? and will it be the same 99$ in india too!!!!!

  40. When will it be available to purchase in the US or on Amazon?

  41. Can I purchase now through the co?


  43. The tablet is available in Belgium?

  44. when the tablet was added to Indonesia

  45. Hi, I hv tried this tablet in HK, 1080P No Problem, very smooth

  46. There must be many bugs with the Android 4.0, just like Android 2.3, it takes a long time to fix bugs.
    So I will still stay on Android 2.3 or 3.X, but not 4.0.
    Now I want to buy a Boxchip A10 tablet, it seems not bad:

    And they claim the tablets will also be upgraded to Android 4.0.

  47. Do you know when it will be available for the US aproxx please?

  48. ONLY 512 RAM???????? If that is right, that is CRAP! It supports 1080i and 3D…..but running 512 and no dual core….that thing is going to be really slow!!!

    • Its ANDROID!

      Windows could run on a processor with those specs! Most netbooks today with duel core processors only have one GB ram. Thats running winfows 7 64 bit. This is ANDROID on a RISC CPU!

  49. when will be launched in india? What price? ICS version? Does it have a sim slot and phone calling feature?

  50. When it becomes available in the US, will one of the purchasing option be done through

  51. Can u send the list of the stores in Beijing to buy this Great Novo7 Product

  52. Where Can I buy this to ship to USA?

  53. It costs \$99\ after \-30%\ off. (

    That means the original price was… $141.43?

    P.S. Sold out.

  54. When is this going to be available in India

  55. Raw Specs

    Little Bit more Specs

    NOVO 7 Advanced SPEC. Display Model Name : NOVO 7
    OS: Android 4.0 Operation : Multi- Touch with Capacitive Screen
    CPU: JZ4770 MIPS( 1.0G MHZ) Screen LCD: 7 inch , HD LCD 800 * 480 Res.
    DDR: DDRIII_512M Video Video Format: MKV/AVI/WMV/RMVB/TS/TP/MPEG/VOB etc.
    Support Multi-Channel Support Multi-Track
    Support Subtitle format : SRT/SUB/SSA/ASS/SMI/MKV Support FULL HD 1080P
    SNR : > 93db Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WAV(APE/FLAC/AAC/OGG) etc.
    More Function
    Support Photo Format : JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF Support Photo Thumbnail browse
    Support Record Support E-book: TXT/LRC(PDF/EPUB/FB2 installing the third party software )
    Support Camera (Front 0.3 Mega Pixels/ Back 2.0MP) Support Google Search/Browser/Camcorder/Calendar Support Email/MSN/SKPE/GTAIK/ICQ/QQ/ Support Alarm Clock/Calculator/Calendar/Google Maps/ Support iReader/Market/ Weather Forecast.etc
    Work Time
    Battery : 3.7V – 4000MA Play Time : 6-8 Hours For Video
    Play Time : Around 20-25 Hours For Audio 3D Game: Around 6 Hours
    Web: Around 7 Hours Remark : WIFI OFF, SCREEN DOWN IN ADVANCE
    Support G-senor /OTG/ Remote Control Support Multi-Language
    Support WIFI Support Games (need to install third party game software)
    External SD Card: 2-16GB , Max can support 32GB Support HDMI /Component Output(480P/720P/1080P)
    Package Accessories : Charger (5V 2A) ,USB cable , Earphone , OTG cable , Remote control, User Manual ,Warranty Card . Compatible systems : Win2000/XP/VISTA/Win7

    The product operating environment is: indoor, home or office
    ● Operating temperature : 0-45℃
    ● Storage temperature : -10-45℃
    ● Power Supply : Power Adaptor
    Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ
    Output: 5V 2A

    Support Software upgrade Support Restore factory settings
    Manufacture: Shenzhen