Android 2.3.5 & HTC Sense 3.0 Update for Desire HD, Incredible S & Wildfire S

The HTC Desire HD released in September 2010 shipped with Android 2.2 Froyo is quite old model now yet it receives Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update which will roll over from today. The Desire HD users would be ready to accept this update and along with that it also gets the user interface update to Sense 3.0. It’s not just the device to get Android 2.3.5 update but various other devices from the HTC like Incredible S and Wildfire S are ready with the new update over the air.

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The new HTC Sense 3.0 features major functional changes from its earlier version. It includes a new lock screen allowing users to access to their favourite applications with few clicks readily available on home. Among the few noticed features update includes the HTC Watch the movie store and lot more. To check whether this update is available on your phone or not, you should go through Settings > About Phone > Software update and then press the search button. Make sure that you are using the Wi-Fi network when updating with firmware but not the carrier based data plans as the update file is of more than 200 MB and it will show up a huge bill for you.

As reported the Desire HD update file is 227 MB and for Incredible S its 228 MB. Are you were able to get this update on your phone? If your unable to update, restart your phone and try it again.

Update : The users from Malaysia and India has problem in downloading this update or either update is not available to them as of now. Also Shank notified us that the last letter on the messaging screen in getting faded off with this update. I hope HTC is listening to this and will offer a better update soon.


  1. now i will install this thank you

  2. Neela Pradeep
    I have just done the latest update here in the UK but its malfunctioning. I want to revert the phone back to the last update. how do I do that? Email me if you can at or anyone email me if you know how to do this? Thanks x

  3. Khan

  4. I want to revert back to android 2.3.3 and sense 2.1..

  5. HTC r u listening?? Hope you guys will fix the bug.. Wats the point having a smart phone is the phone isnt that smart after all?

  6. Any idea how to go back to a previous android version. Using the HTC Desire HD. The new update screwed up the phone totally. Every time you use an app (most apps) upon exiting the HTC start up screen is displayed and loading appears on the screen. It’s freakin annoying. HTC CCare did not help as I reset my phone to factory setting but still no use.

    Help anybody..:(

  7. I am not getting Sense 3.0 update for Incredible S in india?
    any one have received the update?

  8. Just got my 1yr + incredible S updated over the air this morning, after receiving a notification. From singapore

  9. Got a HTC incredible S from Hong Kong with android 2.3.3. and sense 2.1,I am in INDIA and not getting updates to android 2.3.5 and sense 3.0.Customer care says to get it updated by paying $35 and On the air for Hong Kong phone in INDIA will not be available.Any solution? Pls…

  10. Im In Pakistan and still have not recieved my software update. where as other people with the same phone have. Help?

  11. is there a way to revert back to the older version?? if there is, pls tell me how i can do that. thank you.

  12. is it possible to revert back to the older version? if so, please tell me how i can do that. thank you.

  13. I am from Pakistan n i have HTC wildfire S wid 2.3.3 and 2.1 sense version …. when i check for the update system replays there is no update for ur mobile …. plz help me what can i do :(

  14. i too have been facing a lot of problems since updating my HTC Incredible S to android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0.. Many times the touch doesn’t respond at all and many times while typing a message, the bottom keys (like the spacebar, the arrow keys) do not work. some times even the menu, phone and the personalize buttons on the main screen do not repond.. is anyone having such problems?? i am from india, and i updated my HTC Incredible S in Jan 2012. please help and suggest me what to do… thank you

  15. htc sense 3.0 nt available for wildfire s

  16. I got a problem. Around 1st of January got a notification which told me to update to 2.3.5. But since I was outside and did not want to waste my bytes, I waited until I got home so I can use WiFi. Anyways, when I get back home and checks it the next day, it says my phone is already updated. Perhaps someone can help?

    • What version of Android does it shows on your phone now?

      Check out manually via Settings > About Phone > Software update

  17. I have bought HTC desire hd unlocked ,before on doesn’t show any update.shall I download indian update and I need root permission.It’s very hard to root dhd on 2.3.5 I have to go into restore mode for updating manually?

  18. from what i remember on the last 2.2 to 2.3 update, the updates goes by serial number batch, some people get it first, some get it 1 week later…some 2week later. its just to avoid server overload.

    i just saw my friends increS 3.0 today and i was surprise, at first i thought it was CFW, when i asked her, she just updated 3 days back, but my increS has no update yet (although i been clicking check update for every hours for pass 8 hours…)

    btw i am from malaysia… for those who has no update yet, please be patient.

  19. I received an update on my HTC Incredible S day before Yesterday i.e. 21st Jan’12…. The File size was 231 MB…. I used an 3G data plan to download the update and it works really fine on my phone… The update was installed without a hitch….

    One advice will downloading the update make sure ur phone is receiving proper connection to network and the battery is either fully charged or kept on Charging to avoid any problems…. It works only if your battery status is more than 35% or above….

    It works fine for me n i feel its a worthy update from HTC and Google… :)

  20. Hi!

    I am using HTC DHD black orange UK and facing problem in bluetooth and wifi connectivity in Pakistan. can anyone help me please?

    specifications are as under:

    Android version 2.3.3
    htc sense version 2.1
    Based version
    Kernel version
    software number
    browser version webkit/533.1

  21. Got it yesterday for my Incredible S… The new HTC Sense looks awesome…:)

  22. Santhosh Kumar Muthukrishnan

    I got the system update for HTC Incredible S which I bought from Singapore… Currently am downloading it from INDIA file size is 231 MB

  23. I am from Malaysia and i am using HTC incredible s. When will i get an os update to 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0?
    I just checked with my phone and it said ” YOUR PHONE IS UP TO DATE” ~ ><

    • That means that update is not received in Malaysia and also in India too as many users have reported. However users in Europe has successfully updated.

  24. Hey guys a am using the HTC DHD and reside in India i am yet to receive any update over the air. I am presently using Android Version 2.3.3 and HTC Sense 2.1. If any one gets the update in India please let me know.Every time i check for updates it says no updates available for your phone.

  25. ya i Did but it says that \your phone is up to date.there are no updates available for your phone.\
    checking it daily but no use
    my software information is
    Baseband version—–> 20.2805.30.085au_3805.04.03.27_M
    kernel version———>
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    FRi apr 22 20:35:15 CST 2011
    build number———–>2.12.720.5 CL37873 release-keys
    software number —–>2.12.720.5
    browser version——–>webkit/533.1

    and does the update depend on the mobile network….currently using AIRCEL…From Andhra pradesh

  26. I need some help, i found the notification saying new update is available. 2.3.5 with HTC Sense but after it finishes downloading it says the file is corrupted. any ideas about this issue? and is there a way to download it on my pc and then install it via my pc?
    thank you :)

  27. anyone on telus in canada get this yet? very eager to try it out.

  28. I am from India and i am using HTC incredible s. When will i get an os update to 2.3.5?

  29. think there is a software bug in the new 2.3.5 android update. the last letter on the messaging screen in getting faded of.
    did any one notice it?>????

  30. i’m downloading the update right now, DHD Syria
    hope it all goes fine

  31. It is not available in India, I got a mail from HTC directly just today, stating: :This is in continuation to our previous correspondence regarding HTC Mobile.

    In this regard we would like to thank you to be a part of HTC and we would be happy to provide services to you, we would like to intimate you that currently upgrade for Android 2.3.5 is not available for HTC Incredible S. Once upgrade will be available you can find it from following link:

    We look forward for your kind co-operation.
    Thank you and have a nice day! \

    So I am deeply interested in understanding from where in India did you manage to get an update for 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0 :)

  32. YES!
    Just installed on my HTC DHD and it works fantastic!

    I am very happy, everyone should install this update, phone looks great!!!


  33. Update sucks! Sense 3.0 is crap! I wish I’we never downloaded it. Now I can’t go back by myself, I have to send my phone to a service just for stupid instalation….

  34. Downloading it now, HTC Desire HD, Finland .|.(0_,0).|.

  35. still there is no update for my phone desire HD India
    when it will come ?

  36. in Malaysia and HTC Incredible S btw…

  37. but i still cant receive the update notification yet…

  38. HTC Desire HD. Followed instruction to download update. Phone says “There are no update available for your phone”.
    Android Version 2.3.3
    HTC Sence version 2.1
    Software number: 2.43.661.1
    Baseband version
    Kernal version 2.6.35. 10-gdc4b908 hts-kernel@and18-2 #1 Fri May 20 22:02:48 CT 2011
    Browser version WebKit/533.1

    Is the issue with HTC or Telus Mobility in Canada?

  39. Updates for HTC Incredible S in Malaysia?

  40. Hi, Did any of you know when HTC releasing the Gingerbread update 2.3.5 & Sense 3.0 for HTC Incredible S? Earlier when I got update from froyo to gingerbread 2.3.3 I saw in they are going to release OTA. But this time am not seeing that. Am curious!

  41. I’ve got a wilfire s, thoes who have got an update 2.3.5 please can you guys send me that .apk file by mailing it to me……..

  42. Hello Friends, I’ve got the solutiion of that problem, to how to get the official update for all HTC handsets.

    We could download latest update even we live in India or not.

    Simple Click on this link
    and make a login account
    and go to “kernel source code”
    click on “see downloads”

    After that you can see that all updates are available

    We can update our phone without GPRS .

    Have fun..

  43. My Widfire S does not show any updates on the AIR . Pls send me link of the .apk file so i can download it and install it.

  44. Hey I have a Desire HD. I stay in India. Haven’t receieved the update yet. Any idea when its out?

  45. Is this update available for HTC WildFire Buzz? If yes i have to use HTC stock rom to get that update. Do let me know.

  46. No updates for my HTC Incredible S yet in India. Any ETA ??

  47. did any one get the update for incredible s in india

  48. I can’t update, because its rooted? how can i get update and install it? can anyone share the file

  49. I’ve HTC Wildfire S, and waiting for Updates. Would I use Computer’s Broadband for HTC Wildfire S updating. Please anyone reply me and genuinely suggest me.

  50. I own Wildfire S. I got the update to 2.3.5, but not the Sence update to 3.0. I’m interested if that update is going to be made, or is it really only the Android update? In this article, from my perspective, you clame that it’s already out, so you get my confusion :)

  51. NICE~! camera is so GOOOD NOW!

  52. Can somone d/l the wildfire s one and uplaod it so i can download it?

  53. My HTC Desire S is yet to get any update, waiting eagerly.

    • Might be Indian missing this update.

      • I’ve got the Wildfire S, am in England and when i click on search for updates it sais no updates available. Currently ‘about phone’ tells me its got android version 2.3.3 and htc sense version 2.1 on it.

        Why does it not find the update?
        Connecting to htc sync on a computer doesnt work, phone wont find it on the pc.
        Bit lost

  54. Incredible s