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Android 2.3.5 & HTC Sense 3.0 Update for Desire HD, Incredible S & Wildfire S

The HTC Desire HD released in September 2010 shipped with Android 2.2 Froyo is quite old model now yet it receives Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update which will roll over from today. The Desire HD users would be ready to accept this update and along with that it also gets the user interface update to Sense 3.0. It’s not just the device to get Android 2.3.5 update but various other devices from the HTC like Incredible S and Wildfire S are ready with the new update over the air.

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The new HTC Sense 3.0 features major functional changes from its earlier version. It includes a new lock screen allowing users to access to their favourite applications with few clicks readily available on home. Among the few noticed features update includes the HTC Watch the movie store and lot more. To check whether this update is available on your phone or not, you should go through Settings > About Phone > Software update and then press the search button. Make sure that you are using the Wi-Fi network when updating with firmware but not the carrier based data plans as the update file is of more than 200 MB and it will show up a huge bill for you.

As reported the Desire HD update file is 227 MB and for Incredible S its 228 MB. Are you were able to get this update on your phone? If your unable to update, restart your phone and try it again.

Update : The users from Malaysia and India has problem in downloading this update or either update is not available to them as of now. Also Shank notified us that the last letter on the messaging screen in getting faded off with this update. I hope HTC is listening to this and will offer a better update soon.


  1. now i will install this thank you

  2. Neela Pradeep
    I have just done the latest update here in the UK but its malfunctioning. I want to revert the phone back to the last update. how do I do that? Email me if you can at colecats28@gmail.com or anyone email me if you know how to do this? Thanks x

  3. I want to revert back to android 2.3.3 and sense 2.1..

  4. HTC r u listening?? Hope you guys will fix the bug.. Wats the point having a smart phone is the phone isnt that smart after all?

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