Best Selling Smartwatches Under $10 at Gearbest

Many people have been using the smartwatches these days, which are the ultimate smartphone accessories. These smartwatches not only show the time but also gives information like other fitness trackers like step counts, how long you slept, how many calories burned, how many glasses water you drunk, tracks the heartbeat, display the notifications and more. For quite some time back, it was the risky to use the smartwatches but now totally changed the situation in the market with the competition. In the market, it will be available Android wear smartwatches and as well as Apple watches. Also, a lot of smartwatches available in the market which including from the low-end to high-end. So, a user can pick the smartwatch according to their choice and budget. Here, we are providing the best Android wear smartwatches under $10 at Gearbest.

DZ09D Single SIM Smartwatch Phone:
It is the cheapest smartwatch usually don’t render a phone with SIM card support, but this smartwatch provided under $10. This smartwatch phone is priced at just $9.99 which will be available in Black, COPPER color, Golden, Silver and White color options. It would be work with only GSM network not CDMA network. This smartwatch can also take the photos and record videos which would connect to your primary smartphone via Bluetooth.

The smartwatch rocks a 1.54-inch display with 240 x 240 pixels resolution and comes packed with an MT6261 chipset supporting a 32MB of RAM. There would be 32MB of internal storage, which also supports an external memory up to 32GB through microSD card. It is compatible with Android OS and has a single camera setup that is the 0.57MP front camera. It has a single SIM support carried by a 2G network only and is backed by a 380mAh capacity battery.

DZ09 Single SIM Smartwatch Phone:
This smartwatch is offering a very low price which would do the same functions off DZ09D single SIM smartwatch. It is priced at slightly less price of $8.99 which would be available in COPPER color, Rose Gold, Silver and White color options, but above mentioned smartwatch would available in one extra color option that is Black. This smartwatch also packed with the same set of specifications but only difference i have noticed that the camera that is the 0.08MP front-facing camera but the DZ09D smartwatch offered a 0.57MP camera.

U8 Smartwatch:
This is a smartwatch which you can connect with your primary smartphone via Bluetooth for syncing the data like how many steps you walked or run, how many calories burned, monitors the sleep count and more. It is priced at just $8.59 which is now available for buy on Gearbest and will be available in Black, Red, and White color models. It is the best smartwatch under $10 which people are buying this smartwatch like a hot cake. This smartwatch is compatible with the Android OS, which would perform the actions like weChat, Passometer, Burglar Alarm, touchscreen capability and more.

U80 Smartwatch:
This smartwatch is the best health butler choice of fashion which is offering a price tag of just $9.89 which is now available on Gearbest. It will be available in Black, Red and While color options like the U8 smartwatch. This smartwatch also performs the same actions like other smartwatches and pair with your primary phone which would sync the information which would show on your smartphone. If you place the smartphone far away from you? Don’t worry; this smartwatch will show the notifications on your smartphone after syncing to your smartphone. This smartwatch will perform the functions like message remind, Drinking remind, remote camera control, Anti-lost, and more.

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