Giveaway #3 – Win a Apple iPad 16Gb Wifi Tablet

Apple iPad 16gb Tablet GiveawayBefore you all freak out on what a Apple iPad is doing at a Android Blog, we wanted to disclose to you that we are now in love with the Android Tablets and want to giveaway the Apple iPad which we don’t use much at our office. Hence you cannot count this as a brand new iPad because its very lightly used for capturing videos on iPad tips and tricks and it comes with a few excellent accessories too. In order to win this giveaway you just have to go ahead with a few barriers mentioned below and if your lucky we would ship this tablet to your home for free of cost. Do make a note that this specific giveaway is available to Indians only because we cannot ship this product to International Destinations.

Do make a note that along with this iPad we will also give you a hard shell case from Griffin Technologies and a screen guard to ensure you smile for a long period.

The above contest has a series of simple steps which you need to perform and based on this you can earn a few points. The more points you get the chances of winning increases. Do let us know in the below comments if you have entered this giveaway.


  1. wish i could win this for my birthday please dec 18..thank you

  2. Would love to win this to help with the start up of new business.

  3. I would like this device because i have never had a tablet and my computer at home has crashed i just for using the internet i have to go to the library which is a 15 walk if i get this device my life would be easier

  4. i want Ipad2

  5. Thats just to good… I would like to win.

  6. vinayppatil1989

    I subscribed to unsubscribed..:D It is helpful.. I had lot of unwanted emails banging my head daily.. Thanks..:)

  7. i want ipad2

  8. Sad! I missed the contest but congrats to the winners!

  9. plese give me the apple ipod

  10. hello amit .. hats off to you.. for AMAZING giveaways.. but please shorten the period of the giveaway its almost a month long…….. THANK YOU….. KEEP IT UP……..

  11. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Unbeliveableeee… its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. its meeeeee…. hurrraaaaaaaaaaayy….

    First I coundn’t belive it…. i thought it was some error… my name on the winners box???? :)
    I mailed them to confirm and in few mins I got a mail back.. saying ‘Congrajulations Vinoy, Yes you are our winner and we shall ship your iPad soon and asked me to send my address and ph no. Wooo and i replied back in a flash…

    Still can’t belive this.. in a shock… Thank you Androidadvices team.. n specially Amit for giving us this wonderful blog and all the giveaways…

    Once again thanku very much for this.. still can’t belive this.. thanks a lot… cant wait to get my hands on it when it arrives.. iPlayed.. iWanted.. iDreamed.. now iWon iPad…

  12. Congrats Vinoy K R!
    u just took my prize :p

  13. congrats vinoy

  14. When will the results come out ?

  15. fingers crossed.

  16. Announced ? Who won this ?

    fingers crossed.

  17. sir who is the winner…

  18. Anybody won this??

  19. i entered this :D cool prize!

  20. I have entered this giveaway :o :)

  21. I am in !

  22. Am also in bro :)

  23. yes i entered

  24. jeovanny alexander matamoros sanchez

    muchas gracias por sus pos y las ultimas novedades sobre android que mandan a mi email son muy interesantes

  25. Blogged about your blog!
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    I will win this iPad.

  26. i realy need tis plzz count me!! :)

  27. count me in…

  28. Me too ! I want it too. Please.

  29. i Too entered..

  30. kool…hope i will win in this one at least! :)

  31. i have done all the challenged. hopefully i can win :)

  32. Its a dream come true if i can get a ipad..
    I need it .. pls give it to me ..

  33. I wanna win :p ok i know android is so much better but i just wanna win this ipad :p

  34. I’m trying my luck

  35. Eagerly waiting!!!

  36. WEN IS THIS ENDING??????????????????????

  37. ‘m in :) Thanks for the giveaway.


  38. Akhil Abraham George

    All done!!
    hope i’ll win :)

  39. Thanks Yogesh ,, I got it.

  40. Hello,

    I would like to know 1 thing – who going to be decide a winner of this prize ?

    1. This site owner ?

    2. Rafflecopter ?

  41. i have entered, amazing giveaway

  42. nice way to humiliate ipad xD

    really liked it …

  43. done all steps and my sincere thanks to Amit Bhawani for conducting more giveaways on your blog. i hope that this time i will win this ipad tablet. :)

  44. Its very true
    Anroid rocks!!!!

  45. I badly need an iPad. I love it better tan anything.

  46. let me win this tym !

  47. Tried hard to get this one! ……my fingers are crossed n waiting ….

  48. Count me in,

    Otherwise I have to buy it next month, Lolz !!!

  49. hope to win **fingers**crossed**

  50. Trying my luck again, hope I win this time :D Thanks again for the wonderful Giveaway.

  51. dne the steps..thanks yogesh for the info…will keep spreadin d word now..untill i get the pad :-)

  52. I love iOs devices because no other Os stand near to this Os. Means this iOs is original invention and others are just imitation. I mean it

  53. I’ve entered…

  54. Thanks for the giveaway , please count me in .!/FX_Arena/status/132211595144212481

  55. Nice Giveaway Again….
    Done all ….
    Finger crossed.. :)

  56. How sad. Those that DO NOT want to belong to a social network CANNOT enter the drawing as far as I can tell !!!

  57. entered in the mind blowing giveaway!! need an iPad badly!! lol..

  58. wowwww…. its wonderful… i done all those steps 10 times.. ;) that will increase my chances…

  59. great giveaway….please count me..i hav done all process that u needed!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Entered…

  61. The AA team is just simply awesome…. first all the latest updates on android and now free stuff for all of loyal followers…. way to go…. Hope i win this time :-)

  62. You people are organizing amazing giveaways one after the another. Earlier it was the Galaxy tab now the iPad. This is really awesome. Complete all the necessary steps. Hope to win. Cheers.

  63. i am a noob here so it wud b helpful if u help me wid ,how do i get to enter dis contest?? n what do i need to do..

    • The rules are very simple. Its clearly mentioned in the article. You just need to tweet, facebook like and do other social stuff.

  64. apple ipad is one of finest tablet in the market and i want to have 1 for me to experince it.

  65. Hi,
    Great Giveaway. Just did everything as said and I guess I will win. Thank you Amitji :)

  66. i have enterd to the ipad contest

  67. i have twitted near about 90 article of android advice…..

    here r my twitter link………!/shishu49

    plz sincerely chk my tweets


  68. plzz i want to win hope for the best.

  69. Yeah! Need falling luck this time! :D

  70. Hello,
    another awesome giveaway by AA and i am very happy to participate in it. in coming days i will surely write a post on my blog about AA so please do check it out and grant my entry for this Giveaway.

  71. iEntered, iNeed, iWant, iPad :)