Google introduces Nexus ‘Charging Accessory’ Into The Play Store – Details, Pricing

Nexus charger has been spotted on the Google Play Store for all the Nexus line of devices that include Smart phones and tablets. This Nexus Charging Accessory was added to the Google Play Store but it’s not a travel adapter as you think! This adapter is just and micro USB cable with a block for basic charging and was listed as a 1.8A adapter that would boost the charging speeds of your device, but not by a big margin.

Nexus Charging Accessory

It is a bit disappointment that Google doesn’t always come up with great accessories, at least this charging accessory should have been a portable or a travel adaptor. This Nexus Wall Charger will be compatible with the Nexus 4, 5, 10, and both models of the Nexus 7. This accessory is priced at $14.99 and will be listed along with other Nexus accessories that include the wireless charger and various other cases and covers.

This wall charger will be a 1.8A adapter that will likely increase the charging speed of the device, we have seen Nexus 5 coming with an adapter of 1.2 A and the Nexus 7’s charges is at 1.35A, so there is not a bit boost that will make a major difference. Moreover this a better option just in case if your thinking for a backup charger.

The Nexus wireless charger costs about $50 which is on the high side compared to this wall charger which is a combination of a brick and a USB cable. Since this is a $14.99 unit many would prefer this one. This wall charger is confirmed that it will be available in the UK and Canada but there was no world on its global roll out. So are you getting this charging accessory? Want to grab one? Just hit the link here and add to your cart. Stay tuned for more updates and information.


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