How to Import Contacts to Android Devices

Import Contacts LogoSo, how many times you wanted to import the contacts and failed to do so or found so many options that you have confused and unable to follow even one. So, no more hassles as we will tell you now on how you can easily import the contacts to your Android phone effortlessly. Also, the methods which we will be talking about will be very simple and also easy to configure so that the people who have recently moved on to the world of Android can too benefit from this and can import the contacts to your Android phone.

Procedure to import contacts to Android:

By using the Outlook Method:

  • To get started first of all you need to go to Outlook and then you will have to go to “Export“ option and then you need to export the contacts to the CSV format file.
  • Now, you will have to go to your Gmail account, login with the correct password and then you will have to click on the “Contacts” tab from the left pane after which you need to go to “import” option and need to select the same which is just located in the column of “New contact” tab.

import contacts

  • Now, you need to just click on the “Browse” tab and need to select the CSV format file after which you can also check the mark for the option “Also add these imported contacts to…” for adding the contacts to the other groups, you can also skip this option if you want and after this just click on the “Import” option to import the same.Google Contacts

So, once the uploading is finished you will see that all the contacts are listed here and you need to make sure that you have the Gmail account for syncing the phone.

From SD Card or SIM Card:

  • Many times it happens that we upgrade from a lower end phones which don’t even have either the bluetooth or USB Cable connectivity and other sharing options so that you can transfer all the contacts, so here the only way to transfer the contacts is via the SIM card. First you need to copy all the contacts into your sim card in the Old phone and then you need to insert this SIM card in the Android phone.
  • After entering the sim card in the Android phone you will have to go to “Contacts”, tap or press on the “Menu” and then you will find an option called “Import/Export”.

import export contacts

  • As soon as you select the option “Import/Export” you will get options like “Import from SIM Card”, “Import from SD Card”. Simply select any one of the both and after which you will be easily able to update your contact list after which the contacts will be updated automatically.

So, by following the above two methods you can easily to import the contacts and also additionally you can backup the contacts too to avoid importing the contacts again. Also, be it any problems or issues you can check out our all new dedicated Android forums page where you can put down any query/problem and we promise to solve the same so that every problem/query about your Android will be solved.

  • Brian

    Anyone out there?

  • Brian

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit phone by the way. Also, Tech Support said I need an app to do this.

  • Brian

    I tried importing from the SD card and received an error message that the transfer couldn’t be done because the files were not in vcard format. The file in my sd card is excel csv. What do I do now?

  • Ahsen

    Thanks it worked for me :)

  • jamowa

    I need to import contacts from BB Curve to Galaxy S3. Your instructions are very clear. Thanks. Is it best to copy BB contacts to SD card in CSV format, and will Android import them? Thanks

    • Pradeep Neela

      thanks for your appreciation

  • Phil

    So what about from a telecom nz CDMA Samsung to a huawei x1 android phone with Vodafone nz? So non sim CDMA to sim 3G ?

  • Charity

    PERFECT! I am an intermediate level with computer/program knowledge, and I felt this was a very easy process, I am not sure that someone who has never done more than compose an e-mail in Outlook would understand the directions, but they were VERY spot on! Thank you!!

  • Archie

    Problem solved.
    I also had a problem when I wanted to export my outlook contacts to my android device, found out how to do it, and wrote a short tutorial on it.
    It worked great for me.
    How to Import MS Outlook contacts to Android phones with Vcards, Extremely easy method.

  • sunmathew

    can u explain in a similar way – how to transfer from android ( samsung ace ) to outlook

    • Archie

      It should be quite easy, just export your Android contacts as Vcard business cards and then import the vcards into outlook. I could give you step by step instructions if needed. I just did the reverse of what you did, with my Samsung Galaxy Gio. Wrote a short tutorial on my Blog. Maybe you already did yours, but it might be good for future reference. Regards.

  • Matt

    Perfect. This has worked brilliantly. Thankyou. Plus it auto updates. Perfect

  • Charley

    Well, I use Outlook as my primary email/contacts program on my PC. (No jokes about Outlook please.)

    Anyway, I have tried several different methods to keep my Android phone up to date. I exported to csv files. I used a Google sync app. I used Plaxo to move my contacts to Plaxo and from there to Google.

    What works the best for me is an application I purchased for my PC (if I remember correctly it was about $20). It installs as an add-on to Outlook and keeps my Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks synced with Google.

    Works for me.

    • tt

      What program did u purchase for sync?