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How to Print from Android Phone with Google Cloud Print

CloudPrint LogoWith the arrival of Cloud Print on Google’s Android, you can now enjoy the printing very easily. For all those who don’t know what Google Cloud Printing means, the Google Account users need to associate their printers with the Google account via this service after which with the help of cloud technology the documents can be printed from your Google account via the assigned printers. Printers are treated in much the same way as documents are in Google Docs. Therefore, it is very easy to share printers with your coworkers, friends, and family anywhere in the world. No need for complex network setups to make print sharing work! In addition to associating printers with a user’s Google Account, the capabilities of each particular printer model are stored so they can be shown to the user to select appropriate options when submitting a print job.

Cloud Printing

So, to get started and to print the pages with Google Cloud then you need to first of all register your account with the Google Cloud print and then you can proceed for using the Google Cloud Print by using your Google Account. As of now currently this application is available for select countries but will soon be launched worldwide.  Google cloud print comes with the support of printing the files which comes with the formats: pdf, jpg, jpeg, docx, ods, xls, xlsx, ppt and odp.

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What’s the catch is that you can even print the documents . Not only from Android, but you can also take the benefit of cloud printing for your desktop with the help of Google Chrome. Please note that this application is currently in beta stage and the same can be downloaded from the Android Market Place. Please note that to install and make use of this app you will have to ensure that you have at least 2.1 Android version.

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