How to Sync Connect Android Phones with Mac OS

android logoSo, from now you can not only connect your iDevice like iPad, iPhone or even iPad with your Mac but also can connect and sync the latest blockbuster Android device with your Mac. Android comes with capability by which it can be synced with Mac’s iCal, Address Book and also can be synced with even iTunes so that all your important data like albums, music, pictures and podcasts can be synced with easily. So, before we proceed you should keep Mac, Salling Media Sync, Android device with USB data cable handy as you will be requiring these.

Procedure to Sync Android with Mac:

  • Before you proceed to connect your device with USB cable to your Mac, go to Applications, then head to Development, USB debugging and turn on the USB Debugging mode by tapping on it if it’s not active.
  • Now, you will have to use the Salling Media Sync, open this software tool and follow the on screen steps to proceed. Once it’s installed on your Mac, you can use your USB Cable and you can hook your Android device to the Mac. You can use iTunes to sync music, pictures, and podcasts from your Mac to Android.
  • For syncing the address book, you need to first have the Google account, the head to Address book, tap on address book, Preferences, Synchronize with Google. Once this option is checked, you need to sign in the account. All the changes automatically synchronized with Android and vice versa.
  • Or else if you just want to transfer the files like songs, wallpapers and other files which android supports just connect your device, Go to Settings, Applications, Development and then tap on USB debugging to select.

Now, drag down the notifications window and click on USB connection. Click on Mount and you will see a new drive with no name on your desktop and there you go, you can copy all your files into SD drive.

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