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How to Setup Speed Dial / Favorite Contacts on Android Mobile Phones

It often happens that you are limited mostly to few of the contacts. It’s good to see the Android has various options under contacts. The contacts can be organized in a group and you can also add favorites to it. Moreover Android has provided a better way to keep you reminded of various stuff like anniversary dates, birthday, website, email, home address and lot more under one contact. In this particular context, we would be going through on how to add contacts to Favorites and how you can undelete them.

Going through the advantages of adding contacts to the favourites is that you just not only get quick access to your oftenly used contacts for messaging, calls but you can save a respectable amount of time. Either ways it depends on the users how they want to go with. Here is how you can add contacts to favourites.

Adding Contacts to Favorites

There is a simple way in which you can add the existing contacts on your phone (Google contacts, SIM contacts or phone contacts) to your favorites –

  • To add a contact, go to Contacts and then from the various options at the top i.e., Logs, Contacts, Favorites, Group, tap on the option of Favorites.Favorites
  • Once you are there, you may or may not have previously added favorite’s contacts, doesn’t matter if you have or not, tap on the Menu button and you will find the option of Add to favorites.Add a Contact
  • Now search for the contacts or scroll down the contacts to add which contacts you like to add to favorites and once you are done click on Add.Selecting contacts
  • Now you will be automatically taken back to the Favorites under contacts and it will be displayed in your favorite.Favourite Contacts

That’s the way you can add contacts to your favorites. There are no limits on how many contacts that you can add to favorites but if you add more then whats the use and we recommend to add not more than 5 contacts to whom you contact very frequently. To make you understand Google has designed Android in such a way that it also suggest you the frequently dialed contacts just below the favorites. Now with that your idea would be very much clear to whom to add and to whom to not.

Removing Contact from Favorites

It’s quite easy to remove a contact from your Favorites and you maybe requiring this very rarely and so that you never know of this. Follow the below procedure to remove a contact from favorites –

  • Go Contacts and then proceed to Favorites.Favorites
  • Now among the favorites contacts, tap on the account to whom you want to remove from favorites.
  • This will indeed open the contacts page of that person where it would be listing all the details of the person.Remove Favourite
  • To un favorite it, just tap on the yellow star that you see on the top right side and this will do it for you. To remove more contacts, you need to go back and do it manually to other contacts that you want to remove. As soon as you remove contacts from your favorites, the list of shortened immediately.
  • That’s it you are done.

I have been using this tip on my mobile phone and I not only dial up quickly to the person whom I called often. This saves little amount of time from go to contact, searching for the respective ones and then dialing. The above tip works for all the Android smartphone which are existing in the market.



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