Sony Launches Xperia NX & Xperia Acro HD Android Phones

XPERIA NEW LOGOAfter shedding Ericsson and as promised by SONY, 2012 seems to be a big year with a plan to unveil all new smartphones starting with this CES 2012 and MWC 2012 which will be held in Barcelona in 2012. Sony announces two new smartphones to mark its extension of Xperia line up which are dubbed as Xperia NX (SO – 02D) as well as Xperia acro HD (SO – 03D) smart phone for Japan. These phones seems like they have got some serious inspiration from Xperia S. So, in the due course of the article, let’s check out about on what are the specifications this smartphone comes with. These both the phones are launched with NTT DoCoMo.

Specifications of Xperia NX (SO – 02D):

Xperia NX smartphone comes with a host of features which we have summed them below:

SE 1

  • Thickness of 64mm x 10.6mm x 128mm (Thickness x Width x Height),
  • Weight 144 gms,
  • Supports 2GB micro SD,
  • Supports 32 GB microSDHC,
  • CMOS Camera

Specifications of as Xperia acro HD (SO – 03D):
acro HD

Xperia Acro HD smartphone comes with a host of features which we have summed them below:


  • Dual Core 1.5 GHz Processor,
  • 4.3 inches HD Resolution display with (720 * 1280 Pixels),
  • 12.1 MP Exmor R Camera sensor,
  • Micro HDMI support,
  • 16 GB internal Storage,
  • 1840 MAH battery,
  • Waterproof of 1m,
  • Adreno 220 GPU
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • HSPA 14/5.7Mbps
  • Availability in 4 different colors (Aqua Blue, Black, Sakura Pink, Ceramic White)

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