Galaxy S II

Text-to-Speech Driving Mode – Read out Missed Call & Text Alerts for Galaxy S2 Mobiles

Text to Speech DrivingThe phone caller doesn’t know that you are driving and he rings up the phone continuously, might be something important? And you also know traffic rules that talking on phone while driving is worse than driving drunk and it increases the risk of accidents. For those who don’t have Samsung Galaxy S II phone then they should think of purchasing it because Samsung has added good handy features not found in advanced competitor phones. The features like Wi-Fi direct transfer enables users to send faster data wirelessly between two Galaxy S II phones and other feature which we explored is the text to speech capabilities of Galaxy S II phone which is quite amazing when we test is out.

Samsung Mobiles manufactured Samsung Galaxy S II has taken step further ahead with exclusive text to speech driving mode than the usual which is included in the Android Gingerbread operating system.

  • From your phone go to Menu > SettingsGalaxy S II menu
  • Then select the option of Voice input and output.Voice and Text
  • Now select the Text to speech settings and then select Driving Mode > Driving Mode Settings.Text to Speech
  • Now you are right on to set up features which you would like to enabled. Once those are done, continue your work and once you are driving, those settings would be performed accordingly.Settings

The settings available are reading out the sender’s information and message content whenever a new message arrives, reading out new emails received, reading the new voice mail when it arrives, read out alarm information when alarm sounds, and readout information on missed called or incoming call.

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