Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 OTA from XXKJ9 to XXKK3 2.3.5 Firmware

Finally we have the Samsung Galaxy Note on our Hands and while going through the Settings Interface we found that there is a Firmware Update available for the device through which you can update the device from XXKJ9 to XXKK3 version. To get started you need to first tap on the Menu Button followed by Settings option. Next tap on ‘About Phone’ option where you can find all the details about your device. Here make a note of the Android Version, Baaseband version, Kernel version and Build number. Do note that if you would like to Root Galaxy Note, we have covered the same too.

Galaxy Note Firmware Version XXKJ9 Galaxy Note Firmware Version XXKK3

Next Tap on the ‘About Phone’ > ‘Software Update’ option, where in you would find the option to ‘Update’. Ensure that you are on a Wi-Fi connection because sometimes these updates are very large and you could end up in downloading a large file through your 3G data connection. There would be a disclaimer shown to your which has the Terms & Conditions and also the Privacy Policy. You need to Check on both these to accept the terms and then tap on the Confirm button.

Software Update TOS Disclaimer Software Update Device Registered

Next the phone would be connecting to the Server following which you would be given with the update details including the size of the current update. This is useful to you because you can decide if you should update via 3G or Wi-Fi based on the size of the file.

Software Update Connecting Server Download Software Update Files

Following this the update package would be downloaded onto your Galaxy Note and the progress would be displayed onto your device because this is the update which is Over The Air happening directly onto the device.

Downloading Software Update Note Software Update Phone Reboot


Once the update is finished, the phone would be rebooted and you would find that the firmware would be updated giving you better performance. Do let us know if you get any errors or issues performing the above procedure.

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