6 Ways to Change Android Phone Wallpapers on Home Screen

Change WallpapersIf you have recently bought an Android phone and wondering on how you can change your wallpaper on your phone then we will tell you on how you can very easily change the wallpaper on your Android Phone. So, let’s take Samsung Galaxy Ace and let’s check on how you can change the wallpapers with detailed options along with the Video tutorial explaining about the same.

Option 1: First of all you will have to tap on the “Menu” Key and then you will have to select the “Wallpaper” option after which you will get three different options. If you select “Home screen wallpaper” then you can select the images or photos from “Gallery”,

Option 2: Now, tap on the the “Menu” Key and then you will have to select “Live Wallpapers” then you can choose from a set of moving or Live wallpapers,

Option 3: Now, again tap on the “Menu Key” and now you need to select “Wallpaper Gallery” option then you can choose the wallpapers from the pre-defined set of default wallpapers in your phone.

Option 5: Another option for setting up the wallpaper is by searching for “Wallpapers” in the Android Market Place and then you can download and set the same as your wallpapers.

Option 6: The last option is via Internet, go to internet and search for the wallpapers and any image you can set it as your wallpaper but for this you need to long press on the image which you wish to select as the wallpaper and choose the option of “Set as Wallpaper”.

So, by following any of the above options from the above mentioned, you can easily choose and set the same as wallpaper.



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