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How to use the Hidden Menu Key in Samsung Galaxy S5 [with Recent Key]

Just like the developer options in the Galaxy S5 are hidden, there are quite a lot of options which are hidden but not far from being accessed or used. One of them is the much needed Menu key, which is not available directly on the Samsung Galaxy S5, as Samsung decided to replace that with the “Recent key” which will be more commonly used by the users for switching between the applications.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Menu Button

The menu key was always available on the left of the home button, and it was a capacitive touch based button. The same place now has got the multitasking recent key, which does the job different this time. But thankfully, Samsung hasn’t removed the Menu functionality totally.

If you tap on the recent key, it would give you an information that “The menu key has been replaced by the recent key to allow you to quickly change between the applications you used most recently. Tap Help for more information.”

We dug deeper into that, to find that although the Menu key is now available on most of the apps are three dots vertically arranged on the right top corner, this might not be available for every app, thus, Samsung has still kept the menu key functionality to the recent key. In the case where you don’t find the menu option directly on the screen, you can “tap and hold the recent key to view the menu options”.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Recent Key

So there you go, it’s just a long press on the recent key that is needed for the menu options to be shown whenever you aren’t able to access the menu in any application. There has been quite a lot of such stuff kept hidden but accessible to the users by Samsung in the S5, which we would be digging through and letting you know, so that you get to take the advantage of each of it if you are one of the S5 users.

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