How to Add Birthdays, Post Status Updates from Phone Contacts

Phonebook 2.0Did you ever though that your mobile phone would be solution to your remembrance and quick connect to a contact. I expect my mobile to remind me of my friends and family member’s birthdays, anniversary dates. Also I often forget when I called my near and dears the last time.

Phonebook 2.0 for Android brings the leading rich, contextual address book with your calendar reminders, birthday reminders with an innovative user interface. Moreover this app adds Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn support for a contact, which can be quickly connected via instant messaging and social network profile. So that means that if you click on the twitter under a contact name, you would be taken to his twitter profile and directly get in touch with the way that you want.

It also integrates the real-time chat with several different social networks like MSN, Google talk, Yahoo and the chat functions enables the end users to chat with their buddies and family using their mobile phone. The user interface of it allows the end users to update and receive social network status in one place. End users can access feeds like miss call, SMS, social network events, email, and birthday reminders at any point of time visible for each contact and appear in aggregated view.

Phonebook 2.0 Download and Using Procedure

  • You can download Phonebook 2.0 for Android through Android Apps Labs. It’s free to use app and it has file size of 4.3 MB. Once download launch the application.
  • This is what you see in your all contacts. Wow when say this, each contact displaying when I called them last time, coming birthdays, Facebook, Twitter and other social connect available or not. Overall a nicely organized all Contacts list.Phonebook
  • Now click on a contact you have the quick options. You can write on their Facebook wall, call them, text message them, email them, call events with that contacts with summary, their birthday with age, their address with quick chat too available.Phonebook
  • You can contact the users through various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, LinkedIn and MySpace.Phonebook

Its works for all the Android mobile phone with starting operating system as Android 1.5 and supports the latest Android Gingerbread versions too. Phonebook 2.0 is the launch from Voxmobili which is the leader in synchronization and management of mobile personal data. It’s just not limited to Android platform. Latest releases for iPhone, Symbian and Windows mobile can make it work on any platform.

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