Android Customisation 101 – Bookmarking

If you use your Android phone for browsing the web you are likely to start collecting bookmarks. It is a handy thing for browsing the internet on the move and you can in fact download the bookmarks to your computer as well. You will probably have to sort through some files in your Android’s memory in order to find the bookmark files – however, it can be done and the process is much the same as that of transferring bookmarks from computer to computer. The process is highly dependent on the browser that you use on your phone. Although, it can be done regardless of what browser you use so keep this in mind (in order to walk through the steps to transfer the bookmarks it would take a while because of the difference from browser to browser).

Android Customisation 101 – BookmarkingYou will also want to delete bookmarks or categorize them. The first is easy. Just open up your browser, go to the menu and select bookmarks and then press the delete key. You can just press the bookmark until the menu opens up and hit delete. You will probably get a verification prompt (don’t consider it as a hindrance – one day you might actually need it because you have selected the wrong bookmark). Hit OK and it’s gone. Keep in mind that you will not be able to delete all the bookmarks sometimes. This is because some bookmarks are hard-coded into the phone when the interface was coded. Bookmarks such as this are normally those which direct the user to the carrier’s website.

Organizing bookmarks is something else that is handy to do regardless of the device you use to access the internet. Long press in the bookmarking folder and create a new folder. You should be able to rename the folder and drag bookmarks into this folder using the screens drag and drop function. As you collect more bookmarks, this will become a god send as it will allow you to save your bookmarks in relevant folders which will in turn reduce the amount of times it takes to sort through hundreds of bookmarks. Depending on your Android phone, you might not have the option to organise them as easily as you would with other models. Just have a good play around with it and you are likely to find some sort of organize function for your bookmarks.

Having bookmarks on your Android phone is almost considered essential. You won’t want to type in the same address constantly because let’s face it; it gets tiring typing the same thing in constantly. Having bookmarks allows you to visit your a site with a press of the bookmark. If you are addicted to any specific social networking site you probably visit the site fairly often. Consider the amount of time it takes you to type in the same address multiple times a day. It surprises me how many people don’t use the bookmarking function on their Android phone. It is actually one of the most underrated features of any browser.

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