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Apple iPhone 5C vs Motorola Moto X Specs & Pricing Comparison

Apple announced the iPhone 5C a few hours back, with the different color options, and the 5C here says it’s 5 colors and not anything such as “Cheap” or “China” which was rumored earlier. The phone looks quite good with the specifications pulled mostly from the company’s last year iPhone 5 device but would it be good enough to compete with the Moto X which was announced by Google with some excellent customization options? Let’s check below.

The Moto X came with a message for many – Personalization is better than the specs. And it was quite right for us, with out Moto X review talking about how good the device is, despite the Dual-core processor and the basic specifications, but Apple too didn’t do much of the changes with the screen size because they were never after the large screens, but the internal specs have got a lot better.

iPhone 5C vs Moto X

Apple iPhone 5C vs Moto X

Design, Display and Form Factor

The design of both the devices is good enough, but the Moto X still looks quite attractive, given that you select and pay the extra money for the wooden casing or something similar to that. Both the devices come in several color options, but by default there are 5 colors with the iPhone 5C and 18 colors in the Moto X. Apple has stuck itself with the standard design that they always have, and just the back panel has got some changes. If you are looking for a thin bezel, and more than 4-inch screen size, the 4.7-inch Moto X is what you should look for. But then, someone who needs a standard screen size and a flat back should check out the iPhone 5C.

Processor, Internal Detailing

The processors are totally different, and you cannot easily compare both of these as they would run a totally different OS, and Apple hasn’t been very clear about the speed as it usually compares it with the previous gen. iPhone. The iPhone 5C is powered by the A6 chip which was in the iPhone 5, while the chipset in the Moto X is from Motorola itself, the X8 clocking at 1.7 GHz speed.

Both of them have got the personal assistance, and we actually liked the Google Now for Moto X a lot for its voice recognition where only the account holders can set their voice, and other voices would be just ignored. But Siri isn’t bad for the Apple users. In a true comparison, there’s nothing much different and there are limitations in both, but the only good thing for the Asian users is that the accent was quite well accepted by the Google Now, while Siri was stubborn in that aspect.


The 10-megapixel camera of the Moto X looks good with the number, but the iPhone 5C would capture better pictures for sure because it’s the same 8-megapixel camera that was in the iPhone 5, being one of the most popular smartphone cameras. The front camera too in the iPhone 5C has got better with the larger pixels and the backside illumination, while there’s a not-so-bad 2-megapixel camera on the front side of the Moto X.

Both the rear cameras have got the 1080p Full HD video recording, but we are yet to test the quality on both of them. We would soon share the actual samples for you to understand which one has got a better picture and video capturing.


The pricing of the unlocked iPhone 5C is set quite (for those who were expecting it to be cheap), but when you compare it with the Moto X unlocked, it is lesser by $50 as the 5C is available for $549 while the Moto X is available for $599 in the U.S.
For the customization, of course, you need to pay the extra money. The customized panels for the Moto X comes for $50, while Apple has made a few cases for the iPhone 5C, each available for $29 and these come with some cutouts for showcasing the color of the device.

Most of it is the same when you talk of the usage, customization but the final choice stays on the question whether you are interested to use the new iOS 7 or would want to use the Android OS which is excellently set in the Moto X, with the Active Display which makes it easier to read the notifications.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rastamonAK

    September 11, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    “..someone who needs a standard screen size and a flat back should check out the iPhone 5C” Who says this is standard? Many would argue that 4.3-4.7 is standard. Just saying.

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