Automatic Missed Call Reminders with Follow up SMS, Voice Call

Pakoomba Call ReminderIt might happen to you that when you are in meeting you get a call, you end it at that moment but latter your forget to follow back the person who has called you. I have gone through it many times. Your mobile phone will show notification when you have a miss call but as you operate your mobile you hope that you will call the person back. If you are one such user like me who would like to set a reminder for miss call alerts then you should try out call reminder applications on your Android mobile phone. Out of all the reminder apps that we have for Android Pakoomba is the one I would suggest you to use. With easy to use interface and various options, it’s the app that you must have a try.

Pakoomba is a call reminder Android application available for free download on Android mobile. It serves the purpose of setting reminders on your phone automatically or manually.

While adding a reminder you are provided with the option who, when, where and notes. The reminder settings are so easy configurable and the overall interface of the application is very nice. In the preferences you can customize the call reminders, reminder time and the default handling of the miss calls. As a reminder type you can select which ringtone you wish to use, you want vibration with reminder and the maximum number of reminders. The reminder can be edit if at all you want to edit it.

Pakoomba call reminder has the following advantages –

  • Automatic reminder creates automatic reminders for missed called which can be disabled.
  • You can set multiple reminders for one miss call.
  • When you have a miss call, with this app you can quickly follow-up through SMS, Voice call, eMail from the application.
  • Variables options available to set flexible time reminders from later today, tomorrow, this week or this weekend.
  • You can search from the reminders list if you many of them with a quick search reminder option.
  • Provides the option of quickly adding a custom reminder.
  • Notes can be audio and text-based.
  • Setting available for reminders to be not popped during the working hours set by you.
  • Easy to view agenda view of upcoming and future reminders.
  • You can set place from integrated Google maps at ‘where’ option.

Pakoomba Call Reminder Pakoomba Call Reminder Pakoomba Call Reminder

Pakoomba Call Reminder Download

Pakoomba Call Reminder can be downloaded by two means –

Download it from Android Apps Labs: Simple an easy to download this app is by visiting the Pakoomba Call reminder page located at Android Apps labs which has the best collection of Android apps.

Install by QR Code: Be it a default barcode scanner or download app, you can install the app by launching the barcode reader and pointing the camera towards the below QR code.

Pakoomba Call Reminder QR Code

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