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Bump Charge your Android Phone to Double Battery Life – Official Tip

ANDROID LOGOFor all those who are not really happy with the battery life of the device, can now optimize the device so that one can make the most out of their device. Please note that this tip has come Officially from HTC which we have managed to get it for you. There are some tips by HTC with which they are not just providing you the tips to save on the battery life but also HTC is doing its bit from their end also such as optimizing the internal software so that the battery consumption is least. Please note that following the instructions which we have mentioned will not harm the device in any manner. All the data services like 3G / 4G consumes a lot of battery at the end user level. Additionally, Sprint is working to optimize 4G network settings to improve battery life for customers in 4G markets which will further add up the convenience for the users. Please note that all these tips mentioned below can be applied by all the users of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG etc.

Steps with which you can Extend the Battery Charge:

  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and display brightness all greatly impact battery performance, so lots always important for you to only make use of these services only when you need it the most. Especially when the battery is minimum, you need to turn all these core features so that battery will last more till you find a place to charge up your device.

You can also adopt the bump Charge where in you need to follow the below mentioned steps so as to make the most of your battery charge.

  • Turn your device ON and Charge the device for 8 hours or more,
  • Unplug the device and Turn the phone OFF and charge for 1 hour,
  • Unplug the device Turn ON wait 2 minutes and Turn OFF and charge for another hour Your battery life should almost double, as per the htc executives they have tested themselves and found out the there is a huge improvement in the battery life.

Note : Please note that Official means that a HTC Representative told these steps which are going to double the battery life and this has been tested by many people.

If you follow the above mentioned steps, HTC claims that users have reported a maximum battery life of around 10 hours even in the rigorous usage which includes calling, listening to the music, using data services for most of the time. Please note that this may differ marginally again from user to user.

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you have faced any issues in the process of following the above mentioned steps as we will try to address the same at the earliest. Just in case if you too have some tips on battery saving then you too can mentioned the same in the comments section below.


  1. does it work with canvas hd

  2. What is the source of your information?

  3. This Technique didn’t work’s for me in my Sony Xperia U

  4. Will this work if I have my phone for about 4 months by now and I never did this, so maybe it’s already calibrated,but not in a good way?

  5. Neel we have to charge the battery from 0% or we can charge from 100% or 90% ?please ne quick

  6. Neel ils really urgent please ne hurry web have toi charge thé battery from 0% or web can charge from 100%

  7. I will try this on my ONE X.

  8. hye neel or yogesh please answer me this tips his working for me on gt-i9000 xwjw4 rooted my question is if i apply an speedmod kernel on my phone gt-i9000 xwjw4 rooted will i need to refollow theses steps to calibrate the battery or not?

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