How to Change Default Ringtons, Sound Notifications, Alarm Tone on Android Devices

Sound AndroidOne of the best reasons why I love Android devices is that it’s an open source operating system. So what does an open source allows users to do? Ideally an open source program designed for free rights for development by any one. Since my Android is open for development, I love to customize and personalize it accordingly to the best of my knowledge that I possess in development and coding.

Everyone loves to change the ringtones and sounds on their mobile phone and there are tons of options in Android devices itself. Every Android powered smartphones has the ability to change the default ringtones, notifications, screen lock sounds and lot more. So when you like to wake up with the most romantic Titanic song or would like to change the message notifications and email notifications.

First thing, let me tell you that you have many traditional ways of finding ringtones on your device. With Android on your hand, one would obviously think of Android Play Store, which was previously the Android Market. So go to Android Market, search for ringtones and you will get thousands of results. You can filter out the results accordingly to suit your requirements but you can find better filtered results by tailoring down your exact requirements in the keyword that you have searched. Try searching out for the keyword romantic ringtones, you will find many of the ringtones that you love. Well that was all about how would you get ringtones from the web or the other sources, we will now go through on how can you save those ringtones and apply them as your Gmail notification alert, message ringtone and personalized ringtones for each users.

Choosing Default Ringtones on Android

If you have an Android smartphone, regardless of the version included or the regardless of the manufacturer, the following are the settings where you can change the ringtone –

  • From your mobile phone, go to Menu > Settings > Sound.Settings Menu
  • In the Sound area you will find Phone ringtone and notification ringtones. When you tap on each of them you will get a list of pre-installed ringtones on your mobile phone. These ringtones comes by factory default and they are same on all the Android smartphones. When you are making selections when you press on a ringtone it will automatically be played. It’s really good that we are determined what kind of sound it has before selecting another one and this make us to choose right ringtone.Sound Settings
  • This is how the notification tone selection looks like – Notification Ringtone
  • Once you have chosen up with your notification sound, tap on OK and it will be applied.

That how you can change the default ringtone on your Android phone.

Changing Alarm Tone

The alarm tone which is set by default on any Android phone is really annoying and I would not love to wake up with those notifications. And here the procedure on how you will change it –

  • Go to Clock on your mobile phone and it will automatically take you to Alarm.Selecting Clock Android
  • This is how the Alarm option will look like for you – Alarm
  • When you have an alarm set on your phone, tap on that Alarm and you will be under its settings.Alarm tone select
  • Now navigate to Alarm tone and tap on it. Once you do that you will be get the option to select for the alarm tone, browse for the sound or go to your my files folder. Browse through the folder and select the tone which you want to apply as the ringtone. When you have selected any one tap on OK button to apply it.Alarm Tone Select

You can also have control on the sound of the notification alarm as well, this option is just located above the alarm tone.

Change Message Notification

So when have gone through most of the sound notifications and now we head to change the message and email notifications, follow the procedure below -

  • Open the Message folder and then tap the Menu button.
  • Now tap on the Settings option.Message Settings
  • Scroll down till the end and you will find the option of notifications and select ringtone under notifications settings.Message Notification selection
  • The notification has the option of tap to ON or disable but the select ringtone allows users to change the ringtone of your message notification. Tap on it and then select the ringtone you like. When you are done tap on OK to apply it.Selecting Notification Ringtone

Applying Normal Song as Ringtone

When you want to apply a song which are you playing or you have in your folder of your SD card, you can set it as the ringtone or the personalized ringtone for a contact.

  • When you are playing a music on the music player of your phone, tap on the Menu button and you will find various options. Select the option of Set as.Music Selection
  • Now you have the three options of Phone ringtone or Caller ringtone or Alarm tone. I guess I needn’t explain you more with these three terms.Ringtone option
  • When I tap on caller ringtone, it will directly take me to the contacts folder asking me to select the contact for whom I want apply this as the caller ringtone. Tap on the contact and the select tone would be applied as the caller ringtone to that contact within no time and you will be taken back to the music player.Selecting Contacts
  • So next time when that contact calls you, you will hear the personalized ringtone for that contact.

While going through all the settings above you would noticed that unlike other phones which accepts only mp3 or mp4 as the ringtone, Android doesn’t have any such issues during selections and this is one of the reason I love Android OS on my smartphone. I hope now you will have complete knowledge on managing the sound on your Android phone.

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