Dell new Android mobiles – Dell XCD 28 & XCD 35

Dell XCD Launch ImageComputer Giant Dell has made up its mind in entering the business of smart phones and this time Dell chooses to enter with two more new budget Android handsets after the premium Dell Streak handset launch recently few months back. With rich features like 3G, Wi Fi and GPS and at attractive price points makes these both handsets worth the money spent.

Dell XCD 28 device comes with the power of Android’s Eclair 2.1 Operating system combined with a power of Qualcomm’s 7227 600 MHz processor and with the support of 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz Band this phone marks itself at par if compared with others. This device comes with a screen size of 2.8 inches and with a resolution of 320 * 240 pixels with QVGA resolution and 262 k colors TFT LCD this phone lacks an X Factor as screen size is bit on a lower side. This phone has a 3.2 MP camera powered with CMOS and auto focus. XCD 35 boasts a screen size of 3.5 inches.

DELL XCD 28 and 35

Both phones come with an internal memory of 256 MB and where XCD 28’s memory can be expanded to 16 GB, XCD’s 35 memory can be expanded to 32 GB. Also most importantly these both phones come with standard 3.2 mm jack which is quite common these days and with access to one of the powerful and to one of the biggest Android Market Place, applications are just available at your fingertips.

With additional features like Bluetooth 2.1, USB charging, Micro SD access and support of up to 16GB this phone comes with storage of 2GB free in box SD Card. Last but not the least, Dell is here to make its presence felt in the crowded handset market by offering one year of advance mobile replacement warranty. If some major problem in your handset knocks within an year of purchase, then you will get an all new handset absolutely for free.

Dell XCD 28 mobile device will be immediately available in the Indian market while you need to wait for getting your hands on with XCD35 mobile device will soon be available by December 2010 if everything goes on track. To know where you can buy XCD28, all you need to call is to call 1800-425-4050 (Toll Free, from BSNL/MTNL landlines) or 080-25108049 (tolled). Dell XCD 28 will cost around 11, 000 INR while XCD 35 will come with a price tag of around 17, 000 INR inclusive of all taxes. Only time will tell how good these phones are as there is a huge hope of expectations as these phones come from the table of the computer giant Dell.


  1. Hi
    I want to root my android phone
    Lenovo A750
    Android version: 2.3.6
    Baseband version: A750.H001
    Soft build number: A750_S148_120248

  2. can anyone help me in upgrading android 2.1 to 2.3 and how can i download flash 10.1 in my xcd28 and also to download games like TEMPLE RUN and NINJA FRUIT.


  3. I want to root my android phone:

    Name: Samsung Galaxy Pop (GT-S5570)
    Android Version: 2.2.1

  4. i have little bit confuse how to update my set its good but its touch not good





  6. How do we update dell xcd28 from firmware version 2.1 to 2.2

  7. DELL XCD 28…waste of money…DELL disapointed us….So many problems in cellphone….can any 1
    please suggest a exchange offer for DELL XCD 28

  8. hey guys i bought dell xcd35 . i thought its good 1 even i like it very much the 32 gb supportable memory with 256mb RAM is perfect combo. but m not satisfied with sound quality of the machine…so plzz guyzz help me out n tell me how to improve sound quality of the device..i just wana 2 improve the sound off headset…..
    plzz suggest me rather another headset can produce a good sound or not….

  9. Worst phone with poor battery backup. Worst customer service also. You get a phone with replacement warranty and rest assured that you will have to go for replacement multiple times during the year…. Don’t rush into buying any such fake products launched any market even if it is launched by dell. My experience .. Horrrible..

  10. I have xcd 28 nd i installed easy tether lite version to connect my laptop with my phone to surf internet on my laptop but this free version does not support https. so I cannot login to almost all sites.
    Is there any other option wherein i can connect without having to buy softwares.
    Other brand handsets do not have a connectivity headache as they come with PC suites. i’m struggling to get full internet access on my laptop. Even the Android SDK installation requires a XML file on a Https url. Its getting very painful for me with the handset.
    Also I cound not find a PC suite to SYNC my cell data to my laptop.
    Neither could find any modem drivers( including for ZTE racer) that can work.
    Please help, else I have get rid of the handset, its a showstopper……plz help me out

  11. I have problem in my Dell XCD-28 is that it reboot automatically when I am calling. This problem is start recently. So pl. help me.

  12. i want to buy dell xcd35 pls tell me hos this mobile

    • please note that we personally don’t recommend this phone!

      • Hello,

        Any particular reason for not recommending this phone.

        I m looking for a phone around Rs. 8000 with decent camera, good audio & video playback, GPS (which can work offline.. I dont want to use internet)and android OS (havent used it earlier though). This mobile is available at Rs. 8200 in my region and based on reviews I could gather that it has good resolution, decent touch response, good speaker phone, decent camera in proper lighting conditions and GPS (which can work offline). I have learnt that battery can be managed by proper use of this phone.

        If not this phone which would you recommend for me. Eagerly waiting for your reply before I finalize on this one.

        Thanks in advance

  13. Yaar me bhi ye phone leke phas gaya worst phone .. . . . . .dont take it. . ..

  14. i want the pc suit for dell xcd28 have one but its not working pliz help.

  15. Has anyone successfully rooted ViewPad 7 made by ViewSonic , Android 2.2 ?

  16. how to update xcd 35

  17. marathi fonr not avelable,kindly segest how to download……….

  18. i bought xcd35 at 11000
    And got fullish by buying this stupid chinise phone
    cant tune fm properly or hear music on headphone
    if i talk countineusly or plugged to charge phone geting hot like burning battery backup is very poor plz dont buy this phone

  19. im having dell xcd 35,im happy with dis mobile,only dat thing is about battery back up is very bad,& so much heating problem,othe than dis evrything is fine,& iwanted to know is der any option increase my battery back up & one more thing can i upgrade 2.2 to 2.3 for my cell? plse help in this.

  20. donot buy xcd 28 and xcd35
    in this two there no battery backup only 6 hours
    and no more updates developed by dell so many problem was in this phone
    touch is not good this was nail touch mobile so mobile will come soon damage
    so my option donot buy this brand you all chose samsung mobile or htc mobile

  21. I have been with the problem Android market signing in Dell XCD 35 & Battery back up

  22. Rohit singh tomar

    Hello to all
    I have purchased dell xcd 35 set few months ago and find it really guuud.. its performace is really good . and its battery back up is 1.5 days if i use it for games and internet to run market. and i have seen samsung android sets they r also good but if u talk about the model and slimness and price dell is much more better than samsung phones…..they are not comfortable in hands and also they do not look so descent.

    so guys go for delll………..Its best android phones in all co.’s

  23. my anroid FB contacts app. is not working have tried after formatiing also but its of no use tell me how can i get it also if i want to upgrade this to 2.2 or 2.3 from where should i do it .

  24. Dell xcd28 …poor battrie backup

  25. does dell xcd35 run hd games smoothly and what is the current price at dell store

  26. Other than that, its a pretty good piece, love the resolution which is practically unbeatable at that price. Battery life a lil bad, but with lil tweaking, itll work

  27. I bought this cell, and i tried installing HD games but they dont work, i mean they just go black or something. Need help buddy.
    Also, can u give me any pointers as to what games i can download, with good graphics and all that will actually run on my cell?

  28. ashish srivastava

    Hi my phone Dell Xcd28 has got it screen calibration wrongly. Even i am not able to open the menus..please somebody help me


    hey im gone buy dis fone but the cmments have made my mind think over it 10 times!!!!! i jus wat it to have gud apps , thouch screen ,nd nice net !!!!

  30. The dell xcd35 is better phone. It has a high display and good for gaming. We play hd games on it….

  31. Hi guys i’m so confused abt the android phones.
    I have three option… dell xcd 35 , htc wildfire s or stay away…

    can anybody help me pls…..

    i had gone through each and every spec of the two but its stay two side yaar.

    help me pls

  32. i want to sell my dellxcd28 with all accessories in a low price of 7000rs.

  33. Hi Bought a Dell XCD 35 handset and I simply love this set for its quality especially at this price. Going by all the feedback in this forum I guess we need to have a mindshift here. Gone are the days of the Nokia handsets which were as hard as a brick, could survive a 5 story fall and have no qualms about it. If you go back 10 years from now computers had a lesser config than the phones which we have now. As a result we will have to live with some heat on the phones, lesser battery life and of course compromise on some features. Nokia, Sony still sell similar speced phones for double the price and a bit less of the problems mentioned above. As an alternative to all the problems with these phones I guess we need to act smart rather than crib over the issues. Carry your data cable if not your charger. I am sure a USB post should always be around. Camera in a phone is an added feature, lets leave it that way. It will work its way out of emergencies where you need a camera. Hope this helps ……

  34. Will i get a fresh phone of xcd35 ??? n please let me know latest price offered.. my 2nd check listed phone is samsung galaxy fit s5670… give reviews.. is it worth buying.. ???

  35. Hello

    can update the dellxcd28 android 2.1 to 2.2

    plz help me

    • we will clarify it very soon! @dharmesh!

      • Dharmesh my anroid FB contacts app. is not working have tried after formatiing also but its of no use tell me how can i get it also if i want to upgrade this to 2.2 or 2.3 from where should i do it .

  36. Dell XCD35, is a very good phone. now a days all branded company handset made in china, wether its nokia or sony ericsson. I have tested battry backup and its more than 1.5 day. my usage are 1-2 hr talk and 15 mins of internet access. these bloody guys dont know how to use a phone. if u need a good photograph then better buy a camera. this is best cell and value for money for those who need to talk, text and internet access. sound quality is not excellent but good. for same features u need to pay 4K – 5K extra in other brands and no other brand has “replacement warranty” other than Dell.
    choice is yours…

  37. Why has the price of dell xcd35 been reduced drastically from 17k to 12k ???? Infact u get it at 10.7k on flipkart .. Is this better than lg optimus one?

    • @rdsoze the fresh production of dell xcd 35 has been stopped, so rates have been dropped !

  38. this is bloody handset which will make ur life a hell never ever buy this bloody china andset

  39. hi guys its can helps to u i think . its camera is worst in off lighting so u should kept in maid that the camera should be taken pic. at the neutral lightning it gives you amazing result form its u have to switch on the auto focus .
    if u want to now about more sand mail at

    i cant accesses android market in my aircel 2g sim will u help me plz.

  40. Bought Dell XCD 35 and just fell in love with it. It’s the best :)

  41. dont purchase it . i have this set its battery is so poor and photo camera is 3rd class category. dont purchase if anyone want to purchase it then take my set dell xcd28 only 7000/- rs. my mobile no is 9314285489

  42. It’s an awsom headset launched by Dell ..
    battery backup is good provided u you it wisely ..
    Good to buy !!

  43. Awsom handset launched by DELL i fully satisfy with these xcd28…u can get 1 year replace warranty…and price near 8000 to 8500 RS..

  44. lo lo bhaiya mai bh le rha hu

  45. i am trying to buy this cell but these comments puts me in confusion..i don’t like Chinese cell at all..
    can anyone out there can tell me how to go for the Original one..i saw in homeshop18 they tells a lot but now these comments here really makes me crazy..

    • this is a nice cell. battery backup is good if you close your all unneccesory application which runs inside your cell phone.

      it a android mobile so it is good for virus protection.

  46. Hey the battery backup is fine its just that you have to switch off unnecessary features like animation and heptic feedback etc.

  47. mobile Betry backup not good………

    many time chard in a day ……….

  48. dell mobile batry bakup is very bad

  49. Wolf a.k.a Genius

    @Cirtex – What would u rather hold in ur hand ?? A dell or some unknown Chinese phone ???

  50. I have seen some similar phones with same design and mostly the same features except the operating system, in some of the china devices. They are priced at nearly half of these Dell phones.

  51. Never buy this product from dell. Pure chines handset with all the good features( battery, sound, 3G , GPS wifi, Bloooootuth Fm with headset, camera, LCD display, Microwave owen -produce high heat, Hit hard the tough screen by hammer, when I slide it zooms). I don’t know how I can through away one I purchased last week. Pathetic one.

  52. keep me updated