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Download Google Nexus 4 Toolkit – Root, Unlock, Backup and Restore, Install Drivers

Not many would have got the LG Nexus 4 phone in their hands already, but the toolkit for the device is out. There is a big list of options and functions that the Toolkit would do, but the one that it wouldn’t be able to do is flashing the custom recovery. When someone wants to root or ROM their device, trying to do it manually would always be a hard thing to do, and no one would be comfortable doing so without some good knowledge. The Toolkit does the things easier for anyone.

Google Nexus 4 Toolkit

We have rooted our Nexus 4 using this software and given a demo of the same as shown below.

LG Google Nexus 4 Toolkit Options

LG Nexus 4 Toolkit Backup Restore options

Using this toolkit, the drivers for the phone in the computer can be installed, but if you didn’t want to do so from the Toolkit, then PdaNet for Android is the best drivers to download and install. The secured boot would prevent the phone from booting a flashed recovery, and thus doing that from the Toolkit is disabled, but the normal booting from the toolkit is possible.

What’s Nandroid Backup? A NANDROID will backup the whole system including boot, system, data and recovery partitions so you can restore a complete ROM and all data and settings. It would save the backup in a custom recovery format and this can be later restored back to the phone via CWM recovery.

Download the Google Nexus 4 Toolkit v1.0.0Click here.

The toolkit.exe file may be flagged as a malicious one by some of the antivirus systems, and for a few it might directly end up in the quarantine list. You would need to manually remove the flagging and restore the exe file to make it function.

Source: Xda-developers

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