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Guide to Install Google Photosphere Camera App in Non-Nexus Devices – Download APK

“Google Play edition” smartphones comes with the latest Photosphere Camera app which is the 360-Degree Panorama Tool from Google and for all those who thought that it’s only available for NEXUS range of smartphones will be happy to know that even Non NEXUS devices can be installed with this app. This camera app is the slightly redesigned app which is being found in the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition devices. All thanks to the developers who managed to extract this from the Firmware dump of both HTC One and Galaxy S4 smartphones.


This application can be directly installed in your Android Phone. While we still have no clue on what are the devices this will be supporting, but it should support virtually all the devices which are on the Jellybean Android OS. Though there is some discrepancy in image quality compared to the built-in camera app, this app is worth giving a try considering the fact that it’s from Google and comes with some nice experience.

Quick Guide to Install Google Photosphere App in Non-Nexus Devices:

  • Once downloaded / placed the APK of Google Photosphere in your device. With the help of File Manager open the APK to install the same after following all the On Screen instructions. Once this is installed, you’ll see the stock Gallery and Camera apps in your app drawer.

Do let us know in the comments section about this Google Photosphere app as we will be more than happy to hear from you.


  1. not getting the option of photosphere on Lenovo S820.

  2. Only panorama on moto g 4.4.2 What can i do for photosphere??

  3. It doesn’t work on my Nokia 3410 …

  4. Works on my non-rooted Moto X running Kit Kat.

  5. My device is xperia s. Spherecamera working good. Thank you

  6. worked perfectly on my galaxy s2 gt-i9100g and xperia mini pro sk17i both non rooted
    thanks for this awesome app

  7. I just got the Galaxy 2014 Edition 10.1Note tablet.It runs Android 4.3, but doesn’t have Photosphere.
    It’s WiFi only, so no carrier involved.
    Would I be able to install Photosphere on it?

  8. Do you need to have a rooted phone?

  9. It doesnt work on my micromax canvas 4
    Kindly help it out for this issue

  10. Works well on my rooted Xperia S. Photosphere is awesome! Only crashed when I touch the screen during a video recording .

  11. Downloaded as instructed. Works perfect on my HTC One X+. All features including Aspect ratio, Video quality, image adjustments, iso, camera options, image stamp ……many more. Camera scene options big plus. Panorama, HDR, Scene selections. I don’t know why you would want to go back to stock camera. I have not tested all of these options yet but I have them LOL. I will update and let you know. Thanks Android Advices for good article and app link.

  12. Installed smoothly on G-Note (N7000) running on Stock Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (India).
    No issues encountered so far. Works great in panorama as well as Photosphere mode.
    Haven’t tried out outdoor pictures yet. Indoor pictures has a problem in smooth stiching of all the images. But then that is probably because of camera position mis-alignment by me rather than a software issue.
    Great share. Thanks!

  13. Works great on my GS2 with ICS4.0.3…Thks

  14. I installed this app, and it works perfectly with my galaxy s4, even though I don’t have the Google play edition

  15. No sphere only panorama on my galaxy tab 2 . But it lags .

  16. On my stock Galaxy S3 it work perfectly!

  17. Unable to install. It says app not installed… :(

  18. Installled on lg-ms770 aka Optimus… Works great…

  19. It sure is good to own a Nexus.

  20. I downloaded the app but install tab alone not working. So can’t install. Please fix.

    Mobile – Xperia sp

  21. Did not work on my note 2. Said parser error. Anybody had any luck on creating photospheres on Note 2. My email is davidrenjenkins (atsignhere) gmail.com. Thanks!

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