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How to Enable USB Storage on Android Devices

USB Connected LogoFor all those who has recently purchased an Android smart phone and would like to know on how you can enable the USB storage right on your Android device then we will help you to do the same which we will see in the due course of this article. Please note that we will be seeing on how you can do the same in the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 and will  be similar for all other Android devices too. We at androidadvices ensure that every single thing is being covered and if you feel that anything is left out then you can always make sue of Comments section to express your thoughts on the same as we will ensure that we will try to covert eh same on this site.

Please note that this process is one of the simple process and doesn’t require you to either download any special application or even need to tweak your Phone to do the same. All you need to do is to just follow the simple and easy to understand instructions along with the screen shots which will guide you on how you can Enable USB Storage on your Android Device.

Procedure to Enable USB Storage on Android Devices:

  • First up from your Home screen of your phone you will have to click on the “Applications” and once you get into the same you need to find an option called “Settings”, select the same as shown in the below screen shot.


  • Once you get into the Settings, you will now have to tap on the option of “Wireless and Network” as shown in the below screen shot for your convenience.

Wireless and Network Settings

  • Next up in the Wireless and Networks, you will find many options like Wi Fi Direct Settings, KIES via Wi Fi, Bluetooth Settings, Tethering, VPN Settings etc. All you need to choose is the “USB Utilities” option.

USB Utilities

  • Now, up next click on the tab which is “Connect Storage to PC” after which it will prompt you to attach the USB chord connecting to the computer and phone which you can see in the below screen shot,

Connect USB Storage

  • After this you will see a green robot showing the USB symbol along with an option of “Connect USB Storage”. Tap or select the same and then that’s it as this will connect the phone with the computer in the USB Mode turned ON.

So that’s it in this way you have now successfully enabled the USB Storage on your Android Device. Just in case if you were unable to enable the same do let us know as we will guide you to enable the same which is the unlikely case with most of the users. Last but not the least the biggest advantage is that you can use this just like a USB drive so as to accommodate all your data within the phone upon connecting with the USB cable and also most importantly this also allows you to explore the same as a physical drive which allows you to drag and drop the contents to / from the device.


  1. i did all of the above and got to usb mass storage screen, i clicked connect storage to usb and it says connect usb cable to use mass storage. so i did and clicked connect to storage to pc again, but it says usb is connected. remove the cable. what is wrong?

  2. The same problem! when i mount the card, the i move the application to SD card, it goes to the sd card i mounted.
    Once i un mount this card and try to move the application from device storage to sd storage (which should be now usb storage) i get the same message : insert SD card!
    This is not normal, i dont understand why i cant move applications to usb storage

  3. i read all what you wrote…
    My problem is that when i got my phone and i installed applications, i had the possibility to move applications from memory device to SD card (which is after all USB internal storage)… After that i put a card in my cell and i tried to see how it works in order to understand the “whole memory precess” . i found out that when you have a card in your cell, the transfer goes to this card…
    My problem appeared when i removed this card, so now i have “device memoy” and “usb storage” only. i tried to install an application and move it to sd ( which is now usb storage) , i have the answer: your phone doesn’t have SD card. insert SD card!!!!!!!!!
    so now i dont know how to solve this problem ( how to move from device to usb storage)!!!
    Please help!!:(

  4. Hey neal.. I have my galaxy ace and there is no usb utilities option. Im on gingerbread 2.3.4

  5. i have done all of that yet it still doesnt work!! what is wrong with my phone? and how can i fix it please help???

  6. Hello,
    I’m following the procedure just as you say, but the Galaxy Ace doesn’t have the “USB Utilities” option, do you know any other way to use this smartphone as a usb devie?
    Thanks a lot for your time.

  7. I have an issue connecting th SGS2 (android 2.3.3) to my Asus Transformer (android 3.2.1) through USB. I follow all steps in the process, but after seeing the green android I cannot find my SGS2 on the tablet. I tried using USB debugging option as well, also didnt work.

    Other issue is that I can make a bluetooth connection, but I cannot exchange anything, since Phone and tablet don’t seem te get connected (event though they do get ‘wired’).

    Hope that someone can help me with these frustratiing issues.

  8. there is no such option (USB utilities) on galaxy ace gt s5830

  9. i think ur idea doesn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy Fit

  10. Hello, I also have a brand new Samsumg Galaxy S2 and have followed all steps but I still cannot connect my phone to usb. Please help!

  11. neal there is no usb utilities option on the samsung galaxy aceany other way of doing it?

  12. The Samsung Galaxy fit does not have the USB Utilities Option.How do i use mass storage on this?
    Please help!!!

  13. Thank you a lot.i Have been sturggling with this for sometime..Kudos.

  14. I have a samsung galaxy ace and there is usb utilities option under the wireless and network menu. I wish to enable the usb option as well. Would you mind helping me?

  15. Hai Neal

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have a question though I am not sure whether this is the suitable article to ask on.

    How to install or move my apps from system storage to internal storage in Galaxy S2? The system storage has only limited space and I would like to fully utilize my internal storage.

    Have you ever covered this topic? if you have, please give me the link. Thanks!

  16. no such menu in LG-P500h

  17. I own galaxy s2. i would like to know the real diff. and advantages of storing between the device storage and the usb storage. most of all my apps are now on the device storage according to the phone. would it be bettrr if i sent them thru to thr usb storage?
    Plz. help

  18. Hi,

    I am using HTC Inspire 4G and i didnt find USB Utilities under Wireless&netword section. Could you please provide me necessary steps for HTC Inspire 4G

  19. The option “USB Utilities” is not shown on my Galaxy Ace. Also I keep getting the message “getting Low on Phone storage remove programs” but I don’t have much on my phone. I have a utility App2SD and 1Tap cleaner that I use but I only have 7 apps on the Phone and none are movable to the 16gb Sd card. I am told that I have 180.9MB total on the SD and 19.14mb available on the phone. Ant help would be appreciated. I also have a problem of the phone turning its self off frequently.

  20. Thanks for the tip. This is what I’ve been looking for all this while!

  21. No mention of “USB Utilities” on Milestoene 2, under “Wireless and Network” or anywhere else

  22. Dear Neal

    In Galaxy Ace GT S 5380 when you connect the cable it automatically activates the green Robot. USB Mass storage is in built I think. If I am wrong please correct me. Thank you. Bye

      • hey bro! previously when i used to connect my xperia x10 to my car stereo i used to get by default the option of mounting or no. But in my xperia S i am not getting any such option. how do i get the mounting option on my car stereo so that i can hear music. thanks. pls help

  23. Procedure given to enable USB connection on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 can not be used for other android devices. Not atleast on my samsung galaxy ACE. Pls check.

  24. i cant use it, i do all the steps

  25. very nice and handy tutorial for every android users.

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