Find your Car in Parking spot with Android Car Locator App

Car ParkingNow with Android mobile phone in your hand, you don’t need to worry where you have parked your car in the railway station, airport or any restaurant. Solely Android mobile phone doesn’t do this task for you but you have to use Car-pass Car Locator app on your Android mobile phone.

This app locates your car in parking places where ever you go. The location difference between you and your car is shown through compass and also on the Google Maps with driving direction automatically to reach your car. If there is no auto update of driving direction available you can hit the recalculate button to relocate the driving directional path. It pinpoints the correct location of your car in the parking lot both by visual and by address location too. You can also use the timer to indicate the paid parking time and this app also allows you to remind you when the end time of the paid parking is allocated.

Now if SMS parking is available, then you can send text messages to start and stop payment for your parking. Car Locator App for Android was developed by Car-Pass which is an official Belgian provider of mileage certificates.

So if you feel like you might forget the location of the car where you have parked it, then take out your Android mobile, install this app and check out where is your car located.

Car-pass Car Locator App Download

Car-pass Car Locator is an Android app available for free download at Android Apps Labs which is the best site to download the best Android Apps. The app size is 3.3 MB and its freely available for download. This app is among the good apps filed under Transportation.

Android Advices Apps Rating 3 / 5.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abdul Rasheed

    September 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Galaxy S GT I9000. Recently purchased
    It shows the disk spaces distributed as below.
    170MB/1.87 GB of int phone storage,
    127 MB as personal Data,
    183MB/13.43 GB as Int Disk.
    This is besides the Micro SD of 8 GB I have inserted.
    A good chunk of the 13.43 GB remains unutilized. Trying to move applications I have installed to this SD card fails always. They get moved to the 8 GB ext card I have inserted.At the same time personal data space gets filled in very quickly.
    My question to Android Advises is, Is there any means to dedicate more space for Personal data?. Is there any means by which applications can be moved to the 13 GB Internal disk, by passing external SD card inserted?
    with best regards
    Dr. K. A. Rasheed (

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