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Fix Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error on Android

Though Android is the best platform for mobile and other computing device, you might get in some trouble for which you might blame others though the problem is something else. Like for example, if you continue to have problem with your Google Account on your Android phone then it’s not good to blame Android OS and maybe the problem can be something else.

Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error

The Google Nexus One & Droid X phone users have continuously experienced the problem of can’t establish the reliable data connection to the server errors creep in. This problem also can creep in although you have configured it on your phone.

This is the error that  I am talking about -

Google AccountThe Reason

This happens because you might have forgotten to set up your Google Account when you first boot your phone with the new firmware. The only solution to this problem is that you should hard reset your mobile phone. Here is the procedure which explains it how to do it –

The hard reset on your phone will do the trick for you. Remember that doing this will erase all the data on your phone memory and other APN settings present on your phone. You should again contact your service provider to get the APN settings or its better to note it down somewhere else and then apply them manually. Note that the data which is present on the microSD card will not be lost.

To hard reset your phone you have to go to Settings > Security and then select Factory Data Reset. We have gone through the complete procedure of any mobile phone on ‘hard reset your Android phone’.

Hard Reset phoneOnce you have followed that step and rebooted your phone, don’t forget to provide your Google account login information this time. If you have forgotten to provide those details then you would again need to reset your phone. Check out the problem goes or not?

Here is the video where we have performed a hard reset on Galaxy S II phone -

Alternative Fix

If that above fix is not working for you then you can try out ‘YouTube Connection Trick’ to rectify this problem. Follow the below steps –

  • Add YouTube app and login into your Gmail account.
  • Go through the Gmail asp and add account if needed.
  • Sign in to your Gmail account with your user name and the password.
  • Go through your login process and now try to check Menu > Settings > Account & Sync and then select “Add account” and add a secondary account.
  • This solution will work out if the above doesn’t works.

Let us know if that doesn’t fixes and the issue still continues while you try connecting Gmail.


  1. I m using samsang infuse 4G .
    I m working same process but done it plzz help me another option .. to do it ..

  2. I have try both methods on my tab 2 it doesnt work

  3. did all the tricks on xperia v, nothing worked, but opened a chrome browser and simply logged into my gmail accout. does it mean problem is fixed??????

  4. I want google play active but the problem is cant establish a reliable data connection to the servers.i did factry reset and also youtube tric but not helpful for me plz plz plz help me…

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