Get Galaxy S III Pop up Play Feature on Any Android Phone Videos

All of us with smartphones love to watch videos on our phone on the move or on our home WiFi networks, for the convenience it offers as we can watch from anywhere we want in any position. But while we are using some app or into some other menu, watching a video isn’t possible and even the background audio doesn’t play in the default apps like YouTube player. You wouldn’t want to lose out on listening to the rest of your music video just because you’ve to send a quick text message/email and stream it all over again.

For the same purpose, Samsung had added a new feature named Pop Up Play in its latest version of their TouchWiz UI on the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. This feature allows the user to watch the video in a floatable and resizable box which can be placed anywhere on the screen as the user wishes allowing to multitask while watching a video.

Now you can do the same on your Android phone allowing you to watch your videos wherever you wish, within your Android phone. To do this, you need to download this app named Super Video, Floating and Popup from the Play Store. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open the app.

There is a file and directory explorer for you to pick your videos from the root and memory storage directory on the phone along with a player and URL option where the user can input the URL of the video as needed.

Now by tapping on the video you want from the Gallery, it beings to play from the source or from the internet, as per the choice chosen by the user. The gallery has a cover-flow like view where you can just slide through the videos by flicking your thumb or use the normal list view to pick the video you want to play.

Now tapping on the video again will lead to three small buttons on the top right corner being created. These are the minimize, restore and close buttons. While viewing a video, to minimize and view it within a frame, tap on the restore button and it’s done.

You can now continue watching your videos from within any application like Messaging, browser or anyone as you wish and the video plays within the frame as seen in these screenshots. The audio is played in the background and the video plays simultaneously in a resizable frame which you can choose. The specialty of this app is that it overlays the video over any other app in the size you specify enabling a perfect picture-in-picture experience for the user.

Also note that multiple videos can be played at the same time if desired and that would lead to multiple frames within your screen as you wish. With more and more gigantic screens coming up on Android phones, this certainly is a nice feature to watch more than a video at once, if needed.

This app also has some extra features which can be seen and customized in the settings option like Subtitles, etc giving the complete functionality of a full video player. By choosing a .srt file, the user can add appropriate subtitles to watch the video within the frame and also has couple of other options like enabling or disabling High quality thumbnails within the gallery which can be toggled off for low processor and RAM based smartphones.

Here is our complete hands-on video of the Super Video app:

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The app is a nice add-on for Android smartphones as it is quite a small yet useful feature for all users to watch videos while working on any other app. While Samsung’s Galaxy S III has this feature, the Super Video app takes it beyond to all smartphones. We have tried it on our other Android smartphones and works smoothly here. Do try it out and let us know how you liked it in the comments section.


  1. trying to search in play store but its telling no results found. I am using samsung Galaxy tab.plz help me

  2. super app

  3. super app

  4. Awesome application . Its working very well on my Galaxy SL i9003 :) A very nice share .. thnx for the share :)

  5. Awesome application . Its working very well on my Galaxy SL i9003 :) A very nice share .. thnx for the share :)

  6. Mwesige Benjamin

    This app is awesome, hope it can play online content

  7. Mwesige Benjamin

    This app is awesome, hope it can play online content