Guide: Recover the Lost market app – Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Update

We had earlier written a guide on how to upgrade to Android 2.2 froyo in Samsung Galaxy S from any country, although it has released only in a few European countries as of now. Apart from a few other bugs, one of the main problems that the Froyo upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S users, is the deletion of Market application, rendering users to an option of just installing apps using their .apk files. The market application disappeared after the upgrade, and it was not just those from other countries facing the issue, but the European users too faced the same problem. To bring back the Market app, there are a couple ways which users are reporting

Samsung Kies Firmware Upgrade

1. Perform a hard reset of the phone. Many users have reported that this helped them recover the lost market application, although the hard reset deletes most of the data, so backing up is advised before you hard reset the phone. (Hard reset here means restoring the phone to original factory settings, so most of the data that you newly saved and installed gets deleted.)

2. Through the hidden system folder -
There are a few system folders which you can’t browse through the “My Files” section, and you need some file managers that can provide an access to those folders. One of those is the ASTRO file manager, which is an excellent app for browsing the system folders.
It is usually downloaded through the Android Market app, but here the .apk installation file would do, as the market is missing. Download it from here (password for downloading: and install the application.

Then open the Astro file manager, and locate the System folder in the bottom. Open it, and in that, go into the App folder. There will be a big list of application installation files. Search for vending.apk and open the application manager of it. Install vending.apk and the market app gets restored.

This option saves your phone from a factory reset, and also it comes to work when the factory reset option didn’t work to bring the Market app back.

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