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How To Update Samsung Galaxy mini S 5570 to Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware

Galaxy mini LogoFrom Froyo 2.2 Android version to the latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 version is the update for an all new recent launch of an Android smart phone called Samsung Galaxy mini. It feels great that the phone now can be installed with the latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 version. Though this update is not the official push Worldwide, this update is a beta release and is out now. So, for all those who wanted to update with the same you can proceed with the article and for all those who wanted to wait for the official update then you will have to wait for a while as this Gingerbread update will take some time to get pushed via KIES suite. This update of Gingerbread 2.3.3 is dubbed as XXKPF.

There are number of features which have been added and modified along with the fixing of many bugs which were previously there in the Froyo 2.2 version of Android. Also, most importantly there are many added functionalities along with the better user interface comes part of this new Gingerbread 2.3.3 update. Please note that to update the same you will have to run through the instructions which are mentioned below including the pre requisite update instructions along with the procedure to update the phone.


  1. WHere can i download all those files??

  2. hello friend,….can you help me….i have samsung galaxy young 2.3.6 android(gingerbread)…can  or not if i want to install android more better then that??…

  3. How can I make the upgrading happen. I mean with what processing

  4. How to update galaxy s5670 android pls give right suggetion

  5. Hi,
    I have Samsung Galaxy mini GT S5570, andriod version 2.2.1, baseband version S5570jxka2 , build numberFroyo.jpka3 , kernal version root@S508#1

    I tried factory data reset….. After that, i am not able to find the andriod market in my phone. Now two new application showing that is S-Andriod and & Slide Sam 4.0
    Kindly let me know, how i can able to get the Andriod Market.

    Expecting your feedback


  6. Hi..
    Somehow i deleted Android market from my Galaxy 5570..and its diffcult to download it now…could u pls advise me regarding this so that i can get Market back on my phone

  7. i have galaxy mini s5570jxkA2 with android 2.2.1 froyo.jpkA3 can i upgrade it

  8. i have updated my galaxy mini successfully but i don’t have arabic language !!
    plz help how can i get it !!(:

  9. Hi Neal,

    My phone is getting recognized as MSM7x27 similar to the couple of other users above.

    Tried your solution of updating Kies and .net (to 4.0). Still getting the same issue. Any other ideas to sort out this problem?


  10. Hi,

    I extracted the zip but unlike ur screenshot there is one file missing !!!! ur screenshot has 6 files whereas the zip has only 5 ! shud i go ahead ?

  11. when i connected to odin downloader then i found that there is a msg. come with one added and one detected whts the mean and how can solve this problem

  12. Hi All,
    I followed above procedure to update my Samsung Galaxy Pop to Android 2.3.3. But after finshing the installation procedure, it is not displaying any thing on my screen…

    Can anyone help me out, I am not able to use my phone….It stucks on starting Samsung logo only……
    Please help me…

  13. after updating it shows error in downloading…no space in device…but actually space is available on device…nothing is downloading to my device…what i can do???

  14. thnx done wid everything just send me tips n tricks n features about 2.3
    thank u once again!!!

  15. Plz tell me how to clear cache aft done wid download mode
    urgent plzzzz!!!!!
    thnx in advance

  16. Hiiii, when i connect my galaxy pop phone in downloading mode nothing happen in my pc.it asking for MSMx27M drivers

    plz suggest me how i update my phone..???

  17. Plz anybody suggest me while updating gingerbread when i connecting phone to pc in download mode it asking me MSM7x27 drivers….how i get it ??? i didn’ t get yellow box????

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