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HTC One X Security Tips – How to Keep Your Phone Data Secured

With the increasing risks of attacks virtually or physically, one would have to keep the content and the device secure so that the personal information is safe and secured. The personal information we are talking about, includes the contacts, your SMS, any important files in the system etc. Apart from that, once someone gets hold of the phone that you own, unsolicited calls and messages could be a threat for you. Keep the phone secure, and you are safe in many ways. With the latest tech and the Android ICS operating system, the HTC One X has got a few good ways on how you could keep the personal information secure.

Screen Lock protection – Pattern lock

Protecting the phone from being used by anyone can be easily done by setting up a screen lock. The Screen Lock option would ask you to unlock the screen with the specific security pattern that you setup initially, and this is after the phone screen is locked, or the One X is idle for quite some time.
To set the Screen Lock, go to Settings > Security
In the Security settings, tap on “Screen Lock” and select an option here. Then set up the lock pattern and then select the option “Lock phone after” to specify the period of time after which the screen would get locked.

HTC One X Settings  HTC One X Security Settings

HTC One X Select Pattern Unlock  HTC One X Choose Lock Pattern

You can select whether to make the pattern or key visible while you are entering it to unlock the screen.

PIN lock for your SIM Card

Apart from the screen lock, the PIN (Personal Identification Number) locking of the SIM card adds an additional layer of security to your HTC One X. To get this done, you need to have the default PIN that is provided by the network provider, or the process would get stuck.
To set up the PIN lock, go to Settings > Security
In the Security settings, tap on “Set up SIM card lock” and then select “Lock SIM card”.

HTC One X Settings  HTC One X Security Settings

HTC One X SIM card lock  HTC One X SIM card lock enter

To set up a lock key, you would need to enter the default PIN and then enter the new lock PIN.

Once after you have set this, if you wish to change the PIN again, tap on “Change SIM PIN”

PUK-Locked SIM card – If at all you forgot the PIN you have entered, and want to get it unlocked, the only option one would have is to contact the network operator and get the PUK code. Once you get that, go to the lock screen and enter the PUK code and then enter a new PIN, twice one after the other and this would set up the new PIN code.

Face Unlock – A strong security option – for ICS users

Face Unlock option is one of the strong options, where you would be the only one who can unlock the screen as the phone would recognize your face. Of course you could set up alternative options of unlocking if at all the phone fails to recognize you, but Face Unlock would give no one else a chance to unlock the screen (It’s not 100% accurate though, we saw a few errors in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

To set up the Face Unlock, you need to go to the same section under Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock

HTC One X Select Face Unlock  HTC One X Setup Face Unlock

HTC One X Face Unlock captured  HTC One X Setup Backup Lock

Tap continue and you would be given the instructions on how to proceed. The camera would take your picture, and it would notify you about the same. Once you are done with that, you would need to setup a backup lock option, which could be either of the Pattern Lock or the PIN Lock.
The Face Unlock feature would start the front camera and start recognizing as soon as the screen is locked and you activate it, or else when the phone is idle for a long time.

Encrypting Data on the HTC One X

Encryption of data in your HTC One X would be one of the good options to keep the data on the device totally secure, and after the encryption, you can unlock the encrypted data only when you enter the screen lock PIN or pattern to access the data. Before you encrypt the data, you need to make sure that you have set up one of the above options of Screen Lock, and apart from that the battery of the phone is fully charged because the encryption process may take about an hour to complete, though depends on the amount of data being encrypted.

Once the data encryption is done, it cannot be reversed. The only way to unencrypt the HTC One X would be the resetting of the device to the factory settings. To encrypt the data in the One X, you need to go to Settings > Storage and in that, you need to tap on Storage Encryption option.

HTC One X Settings - Storage  HTC One X storage settings - Data Encryption  HTC One X Internal Storage encryption

Similar to what we had discussed above as the Pattern Locking, you could do the PIN locking where the setting is almost similar but you would be entering a PIN number instead of a pattern, and it depends on you totally on which one would you want to use based on the ease or level of security. Encryption of the data is one of the important ways, and of all the above, Face Unlock would be the hardest one to crack for anyone.

Lost your Lock Pattern or PIN?

If at all you have lost the pattern or PIN for unlocking, you would need to make the maximum tries and then wait for the message showing that you need to wait for 30 seconds, and an option would appear on the screen for logging into the Google account that is set for the phone. You would need to enter the login details and it would unlock the device for you.

If you had skipped entering the Google account for the phone, it would be hard to unlock the phone. So, make sure that you had added a Google account to the HTC One X so that it could come to use as a backup when the unlock options don’t work.

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