How to Increase HTC ChaCha Battery Life

HTC ChachaHTC ChaCha is one of the very recently released phones which also feature the very famous HTC sense technology. The brilliantly designed phone comes with a hardware keypad which is really very handy and extremely useful. Although this phone comes with a hardware keyboard which cannot slide in or out, the provided LCD capacitive touch screen display is of 2.6 inches which definitely helps in easy viewing. All the very important features are embedded into this phone and thus ChaCha is a good choice in the mid range of phones. Keeping all of these things into mind one must understand that great power brings great responsibility, well as the phone gets heavier on the features the more we will have to care about the operating conditions. HTC ChaCha is powered with an 800 MHz of processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS to compliment the power of 800 MHz processor. HTC sense is something which is very famous for its unique graphical user interface and the usability, thus providing vast flexibility in operation of the phone. We all are already aware that a smart phone always runs out of its battery and we often connect it to the charger twice or thrice a day approximately. HTC ChaCha is no exception to that, well the HTC sense technology and other characteristic features of this phone can tempt you to run towards the charging point. There are these small concepts that we must understand and try to follow them in order to save up on your battery, this will help you to conserve battery usage for a day or maybe two.
Power Widget
The main battery draining components of HTC ChaCha are Display, Touch screen, Hardware keyboard, Inbuilt GPS antenna, Accelerometer, Auto – Focus technology, LED flash, Wi – Fi b/g/n support, Bluetooth 3.0 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. So in order to conserve battery for more appropriate and important usage simply follow the following steps:

  • Display is always the most battery using component of this phone, this can be very well dealt with as ChaCha offers a power widget which will help in reducing the battery usage by the display. For this reason once you setup phone power widget; simply make sure that display brightness is set to low or medium settings, you might ask me that what if the visibility gets affected? Well normally this visibility will be normalized as the display brightness is adjusted according to the amount of light present around the phone.
  • Keep the display back light time out as less as possible, 15 seconds or less is preferred and can efficiently reduce the battery usage.
  • The Capacitive touch technology again adds up in draining the battery down, for this particular event what I suggest is to use shortcuts on the home screen which will allow you to easily reach to the required application.
  • GPS is one feature that is meant to be used only when finding direction where there is no network coverage, thus if we avoid using GPS for finding directions and routes in the cities and rather used a much inaccurate network based location system will help in conserving the battery.
  • LED flash must be turned OFF whenever there is ample amount of light present around in the surroundings.
  • Now a days for efficient internet experience Wi – Fi is a preferred choice among most internet users, but as it is observed from human behavior; we tend to keep the Wi – Fi connectivity turned ON even when it is not required, this is a major contributor for draining up the battery. Make sure that you turn OFF the Wi- Fi connectivity in order to conserve major amount of the battery.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity uses more battery resources as it provides high data transfer rates, make sure that you turn OFF the Bluetooth connectivity after its usage.
  • Application specific feature like HTC SYNC, Google SYNC, background running applications, etc are important factors, Auto SYNC can be turned OFF for each web service like Google when not required and background running applications can be easily controlled with help of Advanced Task Killer application.

Follow the above steps and you will definitely observe change in battery lasting time.

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