How to Install Clock Work Mod Recovery in LG Lucid VS840 – Tutorial

Procedure to Install Clock Work Mod Recovery in LG Lucid VS840 :

CWM Lucid Device

  • Place the De Loop Package as it is in your device’s internal memory. After this, open “CWM-Installer.bat” executable file and then just press the Enter key to start the process of firmware update.

LG Lucid Root

  • Once the process is over, the phone will be restarted in the normal mode. Just in case if the device boots up in the continuous Boot loop sequence then you need to again enter into the clock work mod recovery, select “Clear storage” which will clear all the data which is there in your phone. After this, select “install zip from SD Card” > “Choose zip from SD Card” to choose the “De Loop Package” which you have placed in the phone. If the device doesn’t boot up then you need to re insert the battery and follow all the steps from the start.

So there you go, you have now successfully applied the Clock Work Mod recovery in your device. Do share with us in the comments section just in case if you face any issues as we will try our level best to sort out the same.


  • Williams

    Hi I want to install ClockworkMod recovery on my LG VS840 lucid but every tutorial I find are broken links Please If You Have the files to install the cwm I can spend, thanks.

    Sorry I’m speak spanish.

  • James

    cant get it to work, this is what I get….
    Clockwork Mod Recovery
    Press any key to continue . . .
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    Device found.
    Pushing CWM to Phone
    3155 KB/s (5756928 bytes in 1.781s)
    Rebooting device
    Waiting for device to reboot
    Pushing Exploit
    /system/bin/sh: cannot create /data/local.prop: Permission d
    Rebooting device again
    Waiting for device to reboot
    Installing CWM Recovery
    remount failed: Operation not permitted
    rm failed for /system/etc/, Read-only fil
    rm failed for /system/recovery-from-boot.p, Read-only file s
    /dev/block/mmcblk0p13: cannot open for write: Permission den
    Removing Trash
    rm failed for /data/local.prop, No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /data/: Operation not permitted
    Finished Recovery!!!

  • Zack

    I keep getting messages in the command prompt telling me it can’t create this, that doesn’t exist, permission can’t be gained etc.

  • John

    Hi I got mine stuck, it will boot go to the verizon 4g boot screen then freeze and make a loud froze kinda sound… then it goes into a boot loop and few times then it goes into the download in progress don’t disconnect the cable.. i tried using mobile support tool it connects to the phone downloads new ROM updates then resets but still i get stuck on the 4G screen freezes then reboots. i even tried a hard reset. nothing…. what more can i do? or is it a brick? Thanks

  • Jonas

    I have done this under linux, too bad there are no workign ROM’s

  • Nik Pereira

    Nothing happened. How do i boot into clock work recovery?

    • Pradeep Neela

      you can boot into the cwm recovery by mentioned procedure