Motorola, a Google Company – Unveils New Logo & Identity – Complete Details

motorola, a Google company is the new face of the Google and is an answer for all those critics which were under weighing Google from last few quarters since Motorola’s acquisition. With all the Droids which are now being made secretly will be sporting this all new logo. So, things are now staged perfectly for the next NEXUS smartphone which is now very evident that will be rolled under the sleeves of Motorola, a Google company. The logo and branding simply oozes Google of whose you can check out the new logo below. There are two logos which are being spotted and are actually very appealing;

motorola-logo-a-google-company moto_new

Just in case if you missed it, Google has acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion. A nice & breezy look of Motorola is here. Though, company hasn’t officially launched this new Logo of Motorola, this was found in the Sponsorship of techweek Chicago conference which will be starting on June 27th. The logo was tucked away in the bottom corner of the sponsorship page. Do let us know in the comments section on how you felt about this new refreshing change done by Google for Motorola.

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