Motorola X 5-inch Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Phone – 6th July Launch, $299 through Verizon

More rumors are coming in, about the Motorola X device with the Key Lime Pie version of Android, and we’ve got the details that after the Google I/O unveiling of the phone, it would be launched for sale from July 6th 2013, and the pricing of the phone would be $299 with a new contract from Verizon. This should be a bad news for those who might be wanting to have this device through Verizon, as they should have to shell out more than just the $299 fee if they wanted to have the bootloader unlocked, and the official fee for the same is $15 per month.

The other way through which this phone would be available, is the Google Play Store where the pricing and availability would be similar to the Nexus 4 from LG which went quite wrong on the Play Store as many users were disappointment as they couldn’t buy it and the phone went out of stock in sometime. Let’s see if we can dig more into this.

Earlier: Jan 21, 2013
Google’s next flagship device isn’t going to be called a Nexus? that’s what the claimed rumors have to say. The next phone from Google that would come with the next version of the Android OS, i.e. the 5.0 Key Lime Pie is going to come through Motorola, and it is going to be called the Motorola X. It was recently LG which was being rumored to be working on the next flagship device again, after the LG Nexus 4, but the company confirmed they aren’t into any development right now, but there have been many unconfirmed news about the Motorola X which is being worked on, with the next Android version.

Motorola X

Droid Forums have got the discussions going on that the next Droid from Motorola is not going to limit itself to the Verizon network, but will be coming through several International carriers. There are talks that the next phone is not really confirmed to be called the X, but at the same time, the name Nexus 5 is not going to be its official name. Keeping the name aside, we would get to see an edge-to-edge display of 5-inch size and this would come with the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie out of the box. This wouldn’t be a hard stuff for Motorola, as they are one of the brands who has been doing great with designs, and bezel-less smartphones is a possibility from them.

To show the best at the right time, Google is supposedly going to unveil the Motorola X at the Google I/O developers event in May 2013. The discussion mentioned that Motorola is trying to make an interface which not just enhances the user experience, but look totally like the previous Nexus devices. Apart from that, one would be able to see some exceptional add-ons and features that the high-end Samsung Android devices have got, like the S Beam and the intuitive features that the Samsung Galaxy S III was introduced with.

Well, nothing is confirmed as of now but the Google I/O would be the right time for Google to unveil the next phone, and till then we would surely get to know the official name and a few more details about the device. This one though is not the first phone that we heard to be coming with the Key Lime Pie, as there was this Sony LT30i which was seen with the new OS version in the Nenamark Benchmark test, but the case there too was the same – Rumors and manipulative screenshots.

Let’s wait for hope for the best news about the Motorola X, and especially the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS.

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