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Nexus 7 Officially at Rs 15999 in India via Google Play Store – Check Import Duty Calculations

Believe it or not! Google silently announced the launch of NEXUS 7 tablet has hit the Indian Market which in fact is a great news for all the Google Nexus fans. With the listing of Nexus 7 in India, the “Devices” section has arrived and very soon we will also be seeing the New Revamped Look of the Google PLAY Store. Nexus 7 tablet from ASUS was also sold by some of the Offline / Online Marketers like CROMA which is a TATA Group Retail company from quite a while on which neither Google nor ASUS offered their comments. We have mentioned the screen captures of India Listing of Nexus 7 tablet in Indian Google PLAY Store.


As of now, only 16GB Wi Fi ONLY variant is listed but we can see other models too getting listed very soon. Nexus 7 can be ordered from Google PLAY Store of whose we have mentioned the link below for Rs. 15,999. Google will be shipping the product starting April, 05, 2013. Do let us know your thoughts on this as we will keep you posted about all the latest on this front. We are also hearing that Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 too will be listed in coming days if all goes well with LG and Samsung respectively.

We have received many comments from different users that the price is very high compared to the US Play Store and also Google is doing this step to throw all the left over stock in India, but thats almost not the case if you go through the following calculations.

Nexus 7 Play Store Order

If you read the above cost for a tablet its clear that its not $199 but its actually $231.89 even if you ship it in US., which is already 15% above the listed price. Above this you need to pay for customs duty and other charges mentioned below.

Importing from: United States
Importing to: India
Product description: Tablet Pc 7″
Product category: Tablet PCs & iPads
Product value: US $217.90
Shipping costs: US $13.99
Insurance costs: US $0.00

Total customs value: INR 12574.46
– Duty: INR 0.00
– Landing charges: INR 125.74
– Countervailing duty: INR 1270.02
– CESS: INR 38.10
– Education CESS: INR 43.02
– Additional customs duty: INR 562.05
– VAT: INR0.00
Total import duty & taxes due: INR 2038.94

Total landed cost: INR 14613.40 at USD/INR exchange rate of 54.226

Now if you get this tablet imported from US then you need to shell out around Rs 14,600 while you can get it officially from the Indian Play Store at Rs 15,999 which is around Rs 1400 difference. We have still not considered the cost to ship the tablet to India and also didn’t count the warranty / support issues and this is just the pricing calculation with the landing cost for the tablet.

Notes on duty & taxes rates : Tablet Pc 7″ and , Landing Charges rate is 1%, Countervailing Duty rate is 10%, CESS rate is 3%, Education CESS rate is 3%, Additional Customs Duty rate is 4%. is duty free and is exempt of VAT, Landing Charges rate is 1%, Countervailing Duty rate is 10%, CESS rate is 3%, Education CESS rate is 3%, Additional Customs Duty rate is 4%.

Would you still prefer getting it from US?

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  1. guest

    March 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I got it through third party(hence their profit should be considered as well) for 15.5k. Hence price should have been lower under 14k.

  2. Varun

    March 26, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Finally Google i love you. now i have some hope for getting Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 in India. it’s like dream come true for me. hoping for good prices for the Nexus 4.

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